How Does Smoking Affect Your Skin?

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<hes> <hes> we are going to be talking about smoking and how it affects you skin. I mean it's pretty self explanatory that it's not very good volume volume <hes> but we're going to kind of go into it because you know those. Things are always going to give you wrinkles. It was like a ninety sink to say <hes> but actually actually rings true. When it comes to smoking it will make your mouth a little ball other if anybody would like to see the footage of amy making a math athletic bum hole and do you look our i._t. T._v. behind the scenes yet there it is there it is oh mm-hmm so shall we charge at home is darling before we start ri- dis stuff right now now. I don't smoke was samir cigarette. I don't remember scholley must remain. I know genuine remember last share this year this year. The shia at lot point to all of listeners have never had a cigarette in my congratulations insist on pure half of birthday skin. I'd like you to all believe it's me. I'm now pool. I recognise times will be glastonbury. The only time i've as me he's thinks ago. I'm the only time i ever go near. A cigarette is when i'm hof cope not just pissed about a few lines <hes> somebody's there with my. I'll just have of a little bit sorry ma'am. If you're listening. She will fucking disown me smoke twenty a day. I who's regional. It's close out. She said people smoke twenty cigarettes a day. We'll smoke like four eighty two thousand ninety ridiculous like it's not the nineteen twenties anymore. I really do not see why people would smoke that much to visit yeah. Well obviously on anyway karam. Yes thanks for calling me out bitch one day. I am going to tell you that you broke glass in her bathroom and then instead of just cleaning up you put it under the bath mat. I'm sure she soon after eh so no secret in the household anymore. Snow well just to clarify. I am a nonsmoker and it was one of the it was a case of you makes while you pissed english case for low with us the case of my friends yeah. I'm addicted. I would would find it very hard to get addicted. I believe 'cause is disgusting. I hate the smell of oh yeah. Oh there was a girl i used to work with and she would go on a cigarette cigarette break and i would sit opposite and this i don't know what cigarettes you smoke in but they made a breath smell like sick oh and house. I surely actually that does not taste very nice. Oh i wouldn't dream of putting a cigarette near while sober now just couldn't do it journey. Don't tell me about how it affects your skin. Yeah a will do to lake woman am to be honest this. I don't think this will be very long. Episodes museum of the things that <hes> effects we spoke to my another episodes so he's very much touch upon different vitamins free radicals collagen <hes> and just like how how your skin is affected in terms of how is created so firstly <hes> to just quickly go through some of the <hes> chemicals are in cigarettes that i've researched the most because there's like hundreds of costner jains in the cigarettes yeah caused damage to not just skin like may may we had the we are focusing on the skin here but you've got to remember that he skipped all everybody so. What are you talking about yet about wrinkles. I mean all eva just not not just justify say so <hes> all av body <hes> and then you lips as well a quite different skin cancer because of <hes> smokin the ben bloom hell has that you could cigarette noah you lips when they look huckabee mole. Oh my what you've just reminded me. I've five seed wall. Oh god when i went to thailand a woman smoked cigarette our the foof doty does what i saw but he was yeah she'll say through some though some balloons up in the corner above me and she threw a doll and it popped the balloons and i was like hope and then she popped a ping pong ball at me and i wondered why the ping pong balls on the tables when you you went and it seems that you can yes she leads bulls in there and like when unabashed like you know like a ninja turtle mine and then just like fired them papa and a wounded why there was a ping pong bats on the tables foot long but we went in there and then i realized allies very quickly. The thai actually needed the ping pong power to protect myself from fini bowls bowls now to <hes> dissect show and this poor guy got pulled upon stage. I think he was like with a group of girls on guys so don't if one of the gospels award you expect your sexual yeah and <hes> <hes> she poor sharpie over fudge. Oh yes quoit on 'em and signed a name stor. Yeah lizzy even a hips that no god that was the guilt as well forgot she also lit some candles on the top of a birthday cake and then handed the birthday ak cow and re happy birthday to whoever the person was on a piece of paper and then held up. Honestly it was disgusting. I will never forget that place but anyway back to cigarettes and smoking and yes so i looked into of scenic teen on the way that that affects your skin is because because the nicotine which is very interesting because i want you to remember that nicotine isn't just from cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive in cigarettes. So if you vaping you might think you're all high and mighty right now with you the whole they pen bull vape nation can the nicotine patch the is still innovate. They've obviously so you would need vape and nicotine free vape to dodge maganga skin somebody in the family like quit the thought unia something all from the federal union are going to do now when won't work in one of the eight-wicket topping one of those op shops every single we all those <unk> about shop on how can i get so confused and <hes> well looking innovative up shop so if your evaporator then this also affects you even if you think doesn't nicotine shrinks the blood vessels outta mostly as skin which is the essentially what that means is that oxygen can't reach this skin cells the kind of food third this out from the inside story so if you don't get an austin t- skin then he skin cells won't be able to form properly they just went very healthy <hes> and you you just gonna end up one damage in the lesson collagen production and to you just going to be looking pretty pale. There's no blood so we've spoken before about readiness in skin and it's essentially that you blood vessels a damaged so or you blood is trying to cool you down so if the blood runs to the set of skin is to try and call oh you down and which is why when you exercise you get red yeah yeah so <hes> i is also if you get embarrassed if if he flushed quite easily is because your body's i we're gonna boiling. I'm getting really embarrassed and then you'd blood russia's tease the surf ski down danila yes so you you probably noticed a little bit sallow looking. Maybe many yellowish jaundice don't if jaundice is actually a thing when it comes to smoking but it would be that kind of just looking kim a bit poorly seem just might not look very healthy <hes> but some of the other chemicals that are in cigarettes cross it damage the last in so <hes>. That's like i say if you if you <hes> produce lesson in college and then you're going to be quite saggy and not very plump plump campi he said remember the still nicotine innovate pen so if you've chosen to vote because you think is healthy because of the tar yes that's true boy is nicotine the dommage as you blood vessels so you just have to remember that if you started vapor in to try in <hes> cut down smokin one remember vape pen doesn't tell you when you get the end of typical cigarette and who just try to like every time you buy some more liquid for ever than just by a lower nicotine dose people got the mixing patches hutches auto on those punches quite a while yeah. Just we will impose the point is the point yeah well. I guess it specified long view true true fix on yeah 'cause we're thinking from the point of view like e skin how then like bodies general health and put nicotine does affect the immune system as well so that can cause inflammation it can damage skin saga of said <hes> on this can actually all really <hes> make any psoriasis worse or can cause rice's so <hes> inflammation and a lack of skin cell growth and obviously a poor immune system kind of is not very good for your leads to nasty skin conditions like that. You actually can't get rid of what you want. No yeah <hes> <hes> i also have to say carbon monoxide ms in cigarettes and not fully block oxygen from anybody so who is not very good for you anyway. Everybody knows a carbon monoxide is poisonous and book is biproduct of smoking cigarettes and overseas awesome very good for your skin n._c._a._a. Before the streaming gets to you you blocking it then ever does get to you isn't reaching your skin and you know right. You know. We spoke about vitamin c. yet so you body <hes> doesn't actually produce vitamin c. He was sparked by the synapse owed. <hes> you have to have 'victimising die every day to have any body so orange juice. Broccoli was quite high wasn't area. <hes> leads different foods. You want to know more about that. David episode after this one of course an and in terms of vitamin c. It's really powerful until extent and if you smoke than it depletes until exton level so any victim ac- that you'll get any diet it can be really bad in terms of <hes> if you're eating leads broccoli and there's a beneficial vitamin c. Then you just kind of deplete in it if you don't have a sewer. I don't know how many cigarettes you'd have to smoke for these effects by the way <hes> not just popped into my head book. This is obviously smoking every time. I think you know what's really sad. Fact names go go smoking. <hes> depletes <hes> higher onic acid so not only going to be a bit gray bit dull looking. You're also just gonna be dehydrated. Yeah you're gonna have dry skin so to be honest. That is how smoking in fact she skin is not good for you anyway. Stay away from it. I it's just it's kind of like you said at the start quite self explanatory in question good full. I'll stop think everybody knows even smokers themselves. No is not good. I just find it so weird. When i went to america earlier in the year i was not many people smoked smoked but there was smoking areas in restaurants and it was i gonna sit and smoke mario or the non-smoking area and just obviously i think there's probably a lot of restaurants now l. but in the u._k. It's law that you cannot inside. You have to go outside and if you give outside you can't be under a covered way like you have to be completely like to fresh chef breath the same everybody else around you because obviously it's not just poisonous. Smoking yourself is poisonous being

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