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They lock the people down below and it twenty awesome shorten. nobody could get out. the throne resignation come on that one. but I forgot unlimited early just forgot. and then is football. I'm a be honest with you. I don't. I don't know what the project. because usually we would always say about wood basketball he'll give me twenty game let me see what you got. then the wood baseball twenty gave it was it was a guy I mean let me just because we all know it you know spring training is trying to get ready and I could not get hurt. Hey give me a better idea you can't say and football give you know give me five games and I'll tell you I I still do isn't a four game for by a gifted their act together. the giants look if they're playing really well you have a good as he Daniel Jones here. if they make the playoffs when you put it you know give if I am for the playoffs and you live haven't give you what you

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