Spicy foods linked to dementia, study says


Spicy diet linked to dementia this may explain a lot so I were to put that story here it is from Australia so many consider next time you're thinking about ordering a spicy dish a long term International Studies found the spicy diet could lead to dementia this is a study older adults over the age of fifty five who consume more than fifty grams of Chile birthday display nearly double the who who who takes in fifty grams of Chile today that's all it seems like a long nearly double the risk of developing pork cognitive or cognition skews me and decline in overall memory it also makes you you can't read interestingly slimmer adults indulging in a spicy died exhibited even more significant memory loss yeah so you're better to be overweight and eating spicy foods if you want to keep your memory they said the chili consumption this is from the lead researcher Dr zoom in machine says chili consumption was found to be beneficial for body weight and blood pressure in our previous studies however in this study we found adverse effects on cognition among older adults they analyzed the Chilean take about forty five hundred Chinese adults over the course of fifteen years fresh and dried chili pepper consumption was tracked but black pepper was nuts so just keep that in mind this does not include black pepper so that's not with the is just this is this is fresh and dried chili pepper I guess if folks put on everything apparently in the general the study subjects who ate more spicy food at a lower income less body mass and exercise more frequently than those who performed a preferred more mild flavors this is led research is that the rise of skin your people are more susceptible to Chile intake in overweight people which would explain my skin your adult displayed more prominent memory loss I think it has to do with income it sounds like to me the poor people eat more chilly stuff and maybe because it's cheaper I don't know whether to feel chili is one the most commonly use spices in the world particularly popular in Asia compared to European countries they say in certain regions of China search is so strong in Hunan almost one in three adults consume spicy foods every single

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