Donald Trump, Persian Gulf And South China Sea discussed on The Candace Owens Show


Country and serve the country in horrific conditions in Afghanistan Iraq and throughout the rest of the world and now in the South China Sea and the Persian Gulf and other places you you have enough people that understand what a good paying job as what we have to have is policies that lead to action in those actions I people I think people in their lived experience will start to embrace more patriotism and embrace more more capitalism. I point is you're not going to talk this out. This is not the the country is divided. The countries divided and I don't think the country being divided is necessarily a bad thing. The country is divided because people have two different ideas of how we ought to be governed okay and this is what a democracy is about democracy is about both mobilization and persuasion of getting your people to vote in quite frankly in sixteen we did did it. We did it very tightly against all odds with Donald Trump's message. I think the best candidate we've ever had in eighteen. We've got to face up to it. We got smoked. We got smoked because because we've got outworked. They

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