Vehicle infotainment systems dangerously distracting, especially for seniors


Okay I knew triple a study shows those in vehicle infotainment systems are distracting drivers especially older drivers drivers between fifty five and seventy five are spending on average eight additional seconds finding music navigation calling prompts and triple a says these complex designs of the infotainment systems are causing problems for older drivers we're joined now by ABC's Ryan borough and the older folks are having a harder time with this stuff all Ryan well it and ironically a lot of these expensive infotainment systems are in luxury vehicles that many fifty five and older are driving so there may be a little bit of a skew when it comes to this now what triple A.'s trying to show is two things number one it doesn't matter how old you are you're being distracted if you're trying to dial a call if you're thirty six years old and younger it takes you about seventeen seconds to do that from one of these prompts the in the inside of a vehicle it takes you if you're fifty five and older it's taking you twenty two seconds of five more seconds if you're trying to dial up some navigation thirty one seconds for those thirty six and younger and for those fifty five and older it's taking you forty second self a little bit slower when it comes to fifty five and older that being said we've all been distracted and what triple A.'s hoping is this information they can take to automobile makers and say look all the seconds that we're spending trying to dial someone or trying to look for you know some kind of music or punching navigational addresses it is time that we're taking our eyes off of the road this is a problem we need more voice commands we need more things that we can hear as opposed to seeing because even though it's on that console next to us your eyes are still Darden back and forth and that could be very what you do you need a class almost I mean when you when you buy a new car nowadays the technology is changing so quickly that there are many more things to think about in the car many more either either buttons are voice commands that are needed for various things in the car and and a lot of dealerships don't offer this they sell you the car and say here's the manual how about it yeah I mean this is just another example of the kind of direction we're going if we want to spend a little time in the car looking up music and sending taxing emails were probably getting closer and closer to a time when eventually the computers will be driving us and we'll be able to just sit in the backseat do whatever we want that being said you know there's been this big push in a lot of the states to keep hands off of cell phones while you're driving here in Illinois where I'm at you can't even touch your cell phone if your car is in motion or even at a red light and what this study shows it's not your cell phones it's you know just because your vehicle is you know has one of these these consoles in them with all these electronics doesn't necessarily mean that you're any safer when you're driving that's what triple H. hoping to to to prove as well in this survey maybe they need fifty five and seventy five year old engineers to to figure this out five if that is the real

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