Trump postpones Denmark trip over Greenland sale


President. Donald trump has cancelled an upcoming trip to denmark. The decision comes as the u._s. President made the outlandish outlandish even for him suggestion this week that the u._s. could potentially by greenland greenland is autonomous danish territory and as we have been being told not for sale. Here's what mr trump has been saying about it recently. Essentially it's a large real estate deal. A lot of things could be done so hurting denmark very badly because they're losing almost seven hundred million dollars a year carrying so they carry it at a great loss and strategically for the united states that would be nice and we're a big ally of denmark and we helped denmark and we protect denmark and we will <hes> in fact. I'm supposed to stop. I'm thinking what about going. There definitely going there but i may be going. We're going to poland and then we may be going to denmark not for this reason at all but <hes> we're looking at it. It's not number one in the burner okay robin. I need to bring up something. One observation trump seems to reference the that greenland has been operating at a loss for denmark. It almost sounds as if he's talking about an asset accompany or perhaps even a used car aw but that's the way he sees the world isn't it. I mean you just played the clip a large real estate deal. I've been that that is his background. That's the way he sees the world. It's all to do with buying canceling profit and loss <hes> doing deals however i think we're making a mistake th th the thing i think we need to do whenever mr trump says something else. Land dish rush is to see what it is. He doesn't want us to be talking about and i was looking at what he was tweeting about before. Greenland suddenly became the big trump story. He's tweeting tweeting about a new fox news poll which he really objected to because it showed him likely to lose to any one of the main democratic party candidates did it in the presidential election next year and he said something going on fox <hes> that fake news as well just like everybody else and he got really upset the other thing that he was tweeting about was that book this book. That's just come out by his former. Rather short lived <hes> press advisor anthony scaramucci which is less than polite about mr trump scaramucci and other disgruntled former employees called him a highly unstable nut job. He didn't want us talking about that. He's perfectly happy for us to talk about greenland. He's joking his critics around. He's dominating the agenda. Which is what he loves to do. We know from several counts that if he's not on the headline turned on the t._v. T._v. news headlines. He objects speeches around. They talking about me. He's got what he wanted well in date and is very very difficult to navigate the news agenda endo when adults saying that donald trump is constantly at the steering wheel as to what we ought to be talking about oh. We'll be talking about <hes> linda when you saw this news break a couple of days ago did you. Who did you think that donald trump or even his wider administration were treating these with any degree of seriousness whatsoever look. I'll admit when we spoke about it i on this. It's very program. I seem to recall a jonathan fenby saying that he wasn't sure where the story came from couldn't even possibly believe that trump had actually said this but it does seem as if trump <hes> and he's watered administration do think that that greenland could possibly be for sale

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