Reds Bucs tensions boil over into wild melee


From the Mercedes man cakes. Here's Dan Patrick Welcome to the program. It's hour one on this Wednesday. Dan Dan Dan Patrick Show glad to have you onboard. Stay as long as you can. We're here for three hours. All eleven cameras all four Danettes. You can watch watch and listen if you like you can do both you can email you can tweet you can dial us up eight seven seven three D._p.. Show happy baseball trade deadline by the way it's a lot of hype this year might be married. Baseball changed the rules so teams can no longer move players in August member. Justin verlander came over to the Astros in August. This is the last day to make a move and most of the recent World Series Champs have made some type of midseason deal think of the Astros Getting Justin burland under the cubs getting aroldis Chapman Twenty sixteen but a little more complicated this year because thanks to the wildcard. You got a lot of teams still in the race. You gotTA decide if you're a buyer or you're. You're a seller or the case of the mets. Maybe you're trying to be both so teams may be overpaying in terms of prospects because everybody it feels like needs aids more pitching in GM's are in a tricky spot if you make a move that ratchets up the pressure and could weaken the team in the future. It's about winning now. If you don't fans get impatient nothing more frustrating than having a great team and then you have a questionable bullpen or the other way around good luck figuring out all the the baseball issues here entering into the stretch run of who needs what and what they're willing to give up. You did have a big deal yesterday. The Indians Traded Trevor Bauer. They got a Great Hall in return that included Yoshio Puig puig involved in a bench clearing brawl last night the pirates and the reds go at one more time the reds get Trevor Bauer for Yoshio Puig but the pirates in reds have been down this road before and I don't know what Rob Manfred the Commissioner Major League Baseball. Does I have no problem in policing the sport and sometimes the players do a better job than the commissioner or does or the Umpires to but if you're throwing at somebody and you could hurt somebody then I have a real problem with that if somebody's ladies showboats they'll they're gonna you know Cadillac their home run. I understand all of that but I think we're past that. You know there's something wrong with having some fun with the a game oh you showed me up all these other sports I mean aren't they sort of based off of that. Hey I did something to you. You may not like cricket but that's the new wave. Are we going to throw a ball at everybody who stands and watches a homerun. Is it warranted that I'm GONNA throw. If you WanNa hit me a hit me in the back side right message set okay but the problem is then you hit me and then I have to hit you

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