Winners and losers of the 2019 MLB trade deadline


We'll talk a little bit more about what happened with the trade last night so I'm too teams in the Cincinnati Reds and the the New York Mets who are not really in contention in their respective divisions either the the Cincinnati Reds a little bit better off I think in terms of whether or not they think they can make a push towards the playoffs now they're in fourth place eight games out of their division with both the brewers and the cubs sitting right in front of them of course are in the center the got the cardinals up there as well so three teams between them in the top right he Pittsburgh Pirates who were team that was in the mix and Josh fell on an absolute tear at the beginning of the season I had I had sort of put them back into contention made them feel like a maybe the pirates were involved that was the one division baseball we looked up and down you said I don't know who's gonna win this thing clearly the cubs are a favorite we got five teams here could come out and do some damage you take a look at the the wild card standings now the Reds not looking so hot there six and a half games out but they do have one of the best rotations in all of baseball specifically in all of the National League now they could be doing something here and they've got this they've got this general manager Nick crawled not Nick Kroll not the comedian not that the dude from from the fantasy football shows that show called blanking on the name of that show it we came here if you can remember the name of that show that was a fun one the on assets was it was like the it might be just pop on Intel to me did the league the league dude phenomenal show the league I blanked on management off there for a couple years Nick Kroll of course rocks in on the league Nick Kroll the general manager of the Cincinnati Reds thank you and I'll be back bright arsenic crawl was promoted from the president of baseball lobster like the admin assistant to the general manager a couple years back for the ranch it ever since he's taking over as GM of the Reds he's been competitive and I think that's all you can ask for from a general manager number last offseason when nobody was making trades nobody was signing players and he was out here we want to do one for mac camp yes you'll pull weeds Alex would he was out here saying we're going to be a competitive team went out to get Sonny gray from the New York Yankees so this is a guy who's been aggressive now I'm liking that because two of the players that were traded in two of the top line pitchers in Marcus Stroman and then introvert our that were treated because they both have a year of team control beyond this year they've set themselves up now to try to be competitive this offseason and be competitive in the next year and the Reds well we've got a deficiency in offense they were not going to get anything for Yasiel per week he was a free agent the end of this year he was gonna leave more than likely again I'll see what I said when they traded for him yes simply doesn't scream Cincinnati to me he's not a guy why I look and I think man that died that day both with the Cincinnati Reds role about now barely like plan there any like fighting for because if you miss this last night we've got plenty of audio for you on the other side the Reds in the pirates got into a brawl and this was in a a match Muncie Madison Bumgarner I'm gonna bark at you is around the bases type stuff all this was an actual brawl and the the irony in all this is the brawl goes down like within two or three minutes of us finding out the yes yep week has been moved from the Cincinnati Reds to the Cleveland Indians after not familiar with what the trade is the went down Trevor Bauer of the Indians one of their front line starters how the Indians by the way also feel like air and they're right in the middle of their division known as well sit behind the the minister twins but Cleveland Indians right now are two games up in at number one wild card spot if you go when you look at the division they still got a chance to go and win their division three back to the Minnesota Twins so they traded one of their best pitcher Jim Trevor Bauer with again a year of team control beyond this season but they feel like they're getting Danny Salazar back they also feel like they're getting Corey Kluber back who have been throwing on the side cells are may be activated as early as later this week so Indians feel like they've got reinforcements they also filled two major holes to major deficiencies in their line up and that's that they went out they got friend know ray is from the the of the San Diego Padres to was rumors that poppers were looking to move either him or hunter Renfroe I think if you look around for was more of a a better corner outfielder and you've got a talent friend arrays who's really a designated hitter I so he's I mean he's got a slot right into a DH spot there in Cleveland and the Indians also make a cross state trade the three team deal that sends Yasiel Puig now are to the to the Cleveland Indians so it is I think I won this deal you get friend rants redid young power hitting designated hitter who you're gonna put your line it probably for the next decade or so you would hope you got pulley gal who's got playoff experience Tuesday he fighter who's the guy who gets under other teams getting he's been plants a pretty damn good baseball of late and you give up Trevor Bauer Trevor Bauer now goes to the Cincinnati Reds sort of a weird deal there the pod reason have given up login what login Allen was a back in young starter for them and they give up friend raises we mention the Cincinnati Reds though this is a peculiar one they give up their number one prospect in their organization now he had a down season is in Taylor Trammell but they do believe this guy projects to be a major leader in the next couple years I don't think he's played beyond double eight people on the tax line already I too and I'd say in my head hurt trying to figure out what the hell the potters are thinking with that trade I'll tell you what I think the Padres are thinking with that trade I think the thinking they're not done they know was sent to guard this offseason may still be a trade piece that the that the New York Mets are looking to move maybe they'll be looking to move Marcus Stroman there will be moves made this offseason but now the Padres which are already pretty stacked minor league system have set themselves up to go out making other moves and out and bring some pieces in that will help them be a competitive team I'm all about teams were not totally in the mix yet who are not totally competitive yet setting themselves up for future seasons and I think that's what we're seeing with the Padres a little bit more clearly than what we see with both the Reds and the Mets the Reds and the Mets in acquiring the two front line starters that were available that we knew were available have kind of thrown this whole buyer seller thing

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