Jeffrey Epstein dies a day after release of court documents


Pfeiffer financier Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell this morning that's according to the New York City medical examiner's office the billionaire financier was facing sex trafficking and conspiracy charges in New York his case is especially noteworthy because for years he's been linked to other prominent men we're joined now by Michael gold of the New York times Michael thanks for being with us on this morning sure have you been able to confirm so far any details about how obscene died so what we know right now for two lines working in officials is that apple straps being hanged himself and his body was found at around seven thirty AM this morning inside the federal jail in Manhattan where he had been since his arrest we don't know any other details right now and obviously we're still recording trying to learn more information last month at steam had been found semi conscious in his cell with marks on his neck what do you know about the conditions in this prison yes so Mr obscene words to be in part on protection Michael we last year we lost to a little bit can you just repeat the last one you said sorry about that semester of steam then asked federal he was in a section of the jail with the heightened security in part for his own protection I think sometimes when you have high profile inmates they they want to separate them from the general population we don't have a ton of details in this particular and stand law enforcement officials told us at the time that they were investigating on his injury of a possible suicide attempt although they haven't ruled out the possibility that he had he had been assaulted and we have heard from them that Mister asking have been put at some point on suicide watch but we don't know whether that was still the case this week or this morning when he was found and this is a federal facility he was being held in yeah he was held in a federal facility here and now so this comes after just yesterday court filings were unsealed that suggests there may be an even wider circle of well known people who knew about extenze let's crimes what can you tell us about any of those unseal documents if you be able to look at them yes I look at them yesterday at this this bigger documents from a court case filed by women in Virginia ray who had accused admits to asking and one of his associates going Maxwell of sexually abusing her starting when she was sixteen and the documents were sealed Intel lawsuit I'm sorry petition by the Miami Herald and these these documents about two thousand pages that provide more details about what might have been going on inside Mr asking homes the name people who he is believed to have associated with and in some cases they implicate some of these people live in and that sex trafficking charges that Mister asking faces though it's important to note that many of the claims made new documents haven't been corroborated and that this lawsuit never went to trial right and we should emphasize that none of the people named were charged students several court one person who was named as former New Mexico governor bill Richardson and pure reached out to him and a spokesperson said that the quote charges are completely false Michael is there is it correct that these are not the final documents to be released it actually may only be a first batch and if so what more might be coming that is correct they're expected to be more documents in this case to be released we don't totally know what's going to be and then part of the issue with this case is that so much with the we don't know what definitions were taken we're not totally sure what allegations have been made and it's not even clear really how long it's gonna take to get the rest of the documents that were expecting you know thousands of more pages to come out from point maybe this week next week maybe this month it's really unclear he has that will provide more information about some of the allegations that are made against the staff in is a known how Epstein's death could affect the case against him you were still trying to to report that out I think everyone is still reacting to this news this morning we did hear from one of the people who is accused must abstain who said that she you know it disappointed that he won't fully be brought to justice but weight when I entirely sure where the case will go from here that's Michael Gould of The New York Times Michael thank you thank

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