Trump to Nominate Eugene Scalia for Labor Secretary Job



Eight hundred home owners of the sixty nine you sixty nine million US homeowners so they're owned by the one one hundredth of one percent control everything they say and the one one hundredth of one percent or twenty hundred individuals in twenty eight hundred US homes of sixty nine million homes at south tiny this group as control everything controls everything and controls with these people on these TV shows say because remember these twenty eight hundred people the top one under one percent they control all the shares and all the biggest companies and all the biggest five hundred companies they control all the shared they control all the shares in the form of thanks stocks the control about what forty percent of the market they control so they control these people their job is to make you feel good so you go out and spend spend more money than you have because they got confidence that these guys yours are going to another QVC and another stock buyback now listen to this are you in today I'm listening I wanted your Majerus Thomas is this well I think summer's moving with the rest of the metals and it's moving with the rest currencies it's a trade it's away from fiat currency with interest rates globally solo people are moving into alternative currencies being the metals being crypto currencies as a silver seems to be training but you may call cold still outperforming over the last year since the China terrorists took place silver real into performing gold so that might be an area to look for if you're gonna look to trade the metals here really is a little late is it me not sure why because my members I had them in silver posh I had to sell short starting in February we had a return those members had a return of twenty six percent selling short when we identified that it wasn't going to go down anymore wasn't going to be a good short anymore why would we go and look for something else to shore that doesn't make sense because of pasta is down twenty six percent then all the other groups would be down at least twenty percent twenty six percent just got a stupid when you know you're in a stock and is going down and you said I better get out because going up whether wanted you just turn around stay the same stock we did so Pasaje my member stay in and let's put our position and now we bought a June seventeenth we're up twenty seven percent already in posh so when it went down we mitigate any losses by being short we had a twenty six percent gain then we turn around we bought it back in out of twenty seven percent so what you have to flip from start to stop that stupid let's talk about go all these guys were little late though aren't they they're talking about you should be looking a silver gold now what do you not should not get we bought in June June third we're up to eighty five percent eighty five percent gold itself wrote nine percent mining stocks which I love GTX wrote fourteen percent Hey you wrote fifty two percent is your mining stocks and not get eighty five percent so we're way ahead of these people these gibber jabber disposed to make you feel good so they always get you in exactly at the time is going to turn and go the other way the opposite way in an amazing now listen to this these are the genius you listen to on these TV programs I got a Robert sorry please Robert I'm calling about Harley Davidson now for about ten years since it's now trading around thirty six dollars for our leader I think the problem with Harley is not necessarily what people worry about comes of imports it's the demographic it's just an older group of people who write Holly my no no no he's full of garbage Kramer's full of garbage the problem isn't with Harley the problem is with the investor yes with guys like Kramer that's the problem Harley is fine a guy gets into a stock isn't for for ten years he holds on the stock from fifty dollars to thirty six dollars and during that time this guy was up fifteen percent sometimes twenty percent but he held on to it he held on to it now he's down forty eight percent when I looked at it quickly it was the I think twice she was up over twenty percent at least never took of profits by your whole buy and hold I don't hold why because a juror javers they're there to make sure you feel good the don't worry bout everything's fine because you could depend on the federal reserve they're going to come in and they're going to reduce rates rose the reduced rate you're going to save us markets are gonna go down again no there's nothing wrong with Harley Davidson was a wonderful stock the wonderful stock wonderful company what's wrong is that the investor's adult and he's listening to a dope we got to go playing off each other some believable that's what's wrong you don't push it is showing some believable that's what's wrong so again ever they lied to us about inflation all the time don't today sure they lie about inflation they would say to us brought over the last six years the for reserve I met Josh thank you Paul our targets are targets to push our target is to push our inflation target you we haven't hit yeah our place for seven years there is a third place start to percent they never had it yet Daria won't all in place why what a lie like that because they have to lie because remember if they admit to inflation they got a raise rates but they're not going to raise rates because remember their jobs and make sure you have confidence in them they're going to be there they're going to protect you and make sure your investments are just terrific here are you going to make money and every time the stock market goes down they want to instill confidence in you don't worry stay with it another brick let's keep build that wall worry don't worry about it every time we get a new home sales crash in may new home sales down seven point eight percent don't worry that's just another part to the wall credit card delinquencies at the highest level don't worry about it what this keep building the wall with all this bad news we're going to be just fine because why wouldn't we we got guys like Charles Payne is still on fire yeah yeah gotcha so why not who cares the housing permits are collapsing when you got really every economic aspect that our country is the best it has ever been so so there's two branch right there you're going to add that on top of the wall or to retire and we're gonna keep climbing it because you got this great confidence in the economy that's what their job is to tell us we have great confidence the great confidence in the sellers are always going to have your rates are going I was going to lower rates are going to some will never see the mark go down again this is Shelly join my gang eight seven seven six hundred gang were every day you join our gang you follow our portfolio pick one stock from it and listen to every day we put a video what our stock how do you go wrong so caterpillar we only have a scout for a long position a scout is one share just keeping us engage with the stock until we are ready to buy more shares so if you're looking at your stuff how can you lose money we tell you exactly what to do

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