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Latest live action cash grab the Lion King directed by Jon Favreau and you know I never would have guessed that the man who breathed life into a multi billion dollar franchise but taking a third tier marvel property like iron man and taking passion for source material I I never thought that he you would brought that same passion to the Lion King and you know what I was right because in my opinion this is like the most of all the pointless Disney remakes this is the most pointless and the one that comes off the shabby shabby as compared to its source material Jim. What did you think and maybe talk about your personal relationship with the Lion King of any so I think the Jon Favreau had quite the passion for the source material because he just recycled it and not in like the way where you I don't know take something you have? It's old fashioned into something new. That's useful in a different way. This was the lion king like this is the most Lion King Lion King movie <hes> outside outside of the Lion King I mean the thing is is is the lion king. Only all of the animals were injected. The Boat Docks Yeah Animation <hes> that's. That's the only thing that was different about this movie in any way right. There's one hint of new song none of the plot points or any different than the lion king you remember from ninety four. It's all the same it's just a it's just a cross aboard worse version yeah and completely like you said unnecessary. I think this is like the thing I liked about. Aladdin is Kinda took it a direction and modernized it updated five the problem. The parts were little creaky and little stale where we've moved on as a society they've kind of you know propped it up and they didn't try to like out Robin Williams Robin Williams on the genie whereas this it's like. I don't understand how the animation tests came back for. These animals father wasn't like okay we gotta ditched his documentary approach and have these lions smile. Give him some fucking eyebrows house allow on the show some gene grief and rage because we know I've seen the lion king many many many many times and there's a couple of scenes where you're you're geared up to anticipate and it's exactly. The same lines exactly the same framing except for Simba's faces a grim frozen mask that is capable of showing anything other than way honestly my house cats more expressive. I that's the thing that really really surprised me and I saw a listen problems with that in like some of the trailers I saw but like I don't know I mean it's this isn't a bad film in fact honestly the first five minutes. I actually started thinking well. Maybe I'm wrong because it gave me the exact same goosebumps that intro of the Classic Lion King Circle Life Yeah <hes> but even then it's like there's a couple of parts or like you know like there's a couple of things that you you know you can do in animation like when you blink and step forward and sun you can have a baby draft. Blankets is in this. I mean if they did that with his baby. Draft who the fuck knows because baby drafts don't blink in the sun it turns out it's almost it felt like one of those Old Walt Disney movies like <hes> <hes> what is the journey home or whatever where the actually take a real poppy in a real cat kitten and or they have like little bound very tightly homered ban yeah they make a movie around around like their natural expressions and stuff <hes> but there's just I don't know I mean I didn't really pay any attention to the casting like I didn't know anybody <hes> and there's <hes> great great cat like you know the Simba Nala Donald Glover beyond say knowles stats a fucking dynamite combination like John Oliver as the Domo's as zoo is pretty inspired casting the return of James Earl Jones James Jones. You can't do better than that. I thought that <hes> Billy Eichner as to Moan was really good eye Eric Andre I know seth th- Rogan is Okay Yeah Eric Andrea one of the hyenas I I mean I said it's just I mean we can talk about it the scene by scene point by point and the trailer earn the spoiler section like do I want to on this one because if you've seen the Lion King you've seen the entirety of this movie. It's just like they changed a damn thing. No they range all all the life yeah. Apparently the animators didn't get to note that the scene. Can you feel the love tonight actually takes place at night not at noon just many many references to it being evening and being nights and then it. Blend smoothly into another night scenes really pivotal and what the fuck what the fuck why are they why are they having animated these lions in broad daylight. I don't know because you can. They're more expressive in the day. I don't ever more expressive in the day. That's the only thing I think of is the other thing is speaking of that. I defy you to tell any of those lionesses apart <hes> yeah lights off in the cartoon version. There are subtle variations in color facial expression oppression. I mean they're all kind of unique individuals. At least you know the Nairobi and Nala and the ones actually have speaking roles this like they literally all look the same and when Simba's fighting scarred there's many time I lost track of WHO Simba who was scar and they found it hilarious that these battles are so bloodless. I don't know how you get a name like scar. If nothing can cut your skin I know 'cause like it'd be like it's cannon that Mu Fossa awesome fucked him up the part of his ear off and really hideously scarred him so but yeah you can't do that when <hes> although to realistic you can't do I was kind of put off by the mature subject matter. They're they're. They're saying the F. A. R._T.. Word heard they are in case. Let that slide through yeah yeah really risk and is this P._G.. I don't know it probably is it wouldn't be stupid like whatever the whatever the original was here. It's the same because it is is the same so so. Maybe I'm a little harness movie but I actually this was the very first Walt Disney animated movie I ever saw because I my mom was a religious nut job the type of religion I mean there's lots of different ways to be a religious just not job as a parent but <hes> her particular nutjob Orie was magic anything magic and I'll add in allow <hes> sleeping beauty no little rain when the fucking sea he which get Outta here those legs are mad. I remember the look my sister and I gave each other when Rafiki started doing medicine Monkey Shit and we're like Oh God and my mom's is started twitching like us a spiritism. Does a spiritism like she's please do not storm out of that we we. We begged her to take her come on the line game. There's no magic there's no warlock in this fucking monkey starts. Doing you know the the magic adjacent shit he starts doing like some kind of weird monkey and melon based divination a nation he starts doing martial arts karate at the end which is the other kind of spiritism adjacent but it was near and dear to my heart because I that's the very first and I remember just like just like being just completely amazed at the opening act. And really moved when Fossa dies and like also we had that movie I was the only Disney animated movie for a long long time that we had on V._H._S. and my brother and sister and I kind of wore it out over the course of a summer so I'd fucking love this the Super N._S.. Lion King Okay. I don't think I ever made it past the third level because it's freakishly hard but there's a lot I have a lot of affection for this source material and Dan I just to me they should have cleaned it up that those prints as shiny as they could make him they should've completely redone to sound and just re released it because this is just you know Lion King's Tinton movie. This is like six attitude execution of that movie. This is a high school musical version of the Broadway version of the Lion King. I could see that yeah. I didn't find it offensive. I found that it was in in maybe everything except for the expressive -ness of the characters was just as effective as the original was but yeah it was entirely unnecessary. This is a fairly obvious cash crap. I didn't didn't feel that way coming out of Aladdin. I know a lot of people didn't feel that way coming out of beauty and the beast and you know the the Dumbo did People Watch Dumbo. Nobody watched dumbo right everywhere. I heard it was pretty fucking shitty. Yeah I didn't see it. I didn't either her because I heard it was pretty shitty and guess what you've got Milan coming down the pike. I don't I've never seen Milan. I mean it's a fine. It's it's it's probably one of the lesser of the new golden age of Disney like it's kind of their into Pocahontas level level where it's like animation still amazing songs that nearly as catchy core concept not as solid and I've heard that they're actually a skewing the songs more or less in Milan and just like a straight like a straight drama weird. I could be wrong on that but I just. I don't know I it. It's it's not it's so cynical. I said cash grab because it's it's not it's not just a blatant redundant cash grab. It's just a pace. These does relentless Klis pace that they're that they're doing them into. I don't understand why we need. Five remakes of Disney live action Disney movies in a single year and I don't even know if it might be more than that like. I don't know if they've got. They're going to sneak something out. Pass them along before Christmas. I don't know I don't know they just cast a little mermaid. I I don't know how far that's that that's behind but who's playing Sebastian. I don't know okay. That's my biggest question about that movie. Maybe Ahmed Best Okay Yeah sure thanks Yeah Sebastian yeah he so Whoopi Whoopi in the under the sea yeah love song so I got some more stuff to say 'cause I got. I actually Kinda WanNa actually KINDA WANNA break it down so you might say because he's keep on saying that it's shot for shot for Lion King and that's my biggest problem is is that I don't think it is. I think they're I mean they try not shot but beat for beat. Story is one hundred percent every bit of the staging is is noticeably inferior and worse than than the than the the original and some of the things that like what they did to be prepared is a God damn criminal travesty. That's one of my favorite songs from the Lion King and I've never seen a more dispirited parroted punting of a musical number then than I have. I don't know Jimmy Nicholson who I considered. The foremost expert on Disney films on the Internet suggested that there's also a muted quality due to vocal performances like everything everyone's kind of like instead of like even James Earl Jones instead of just like because I remember I I can I can hear in my head exactly how he says. Nobody messes is with the year old band or I can. I can hear like they. They just didn't quite nail it and her theory is they had to have all the actor scale back because if they were as a motive as the original lion king it would look wildly out of place with the animation style and it's like the one thing that you could have gone ten for ten and let like Donald Glover and beyond say and James Will Jones uncork and actually you know she would tell Chew Hotel Jia for <hes> who I think is an amazing actor. He got the world's most laid back quiet unassuming scar and it's just a shame because he's trying to follow giant. Jeremy Irons plays one of the the all time Great Disney villain voices and it just. I don't know

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