Drinking sugary drinks linked to an increased risk for all cancers


Right sugary drinks put is at risk for cancer and we're talking just a few ounces of soda or juice this is kind of one of the nastiest studies yet when it comes to when we drink some sugary drinks I had some sweetened tea the other day my husband you know I bought some for myself and I think expect me to just take a step I don't just so delicious I guzzle down the whole Cup and that was a crap load of sugar and I'm like a bird offer work out I sugary drinks are bad bad bad bad bad there's a new study is like just drink of a small glass a hundred milliliters so what is that twenty teaspoons my advice he's he's pretty soon or a third of a can of soda can increase your overall cancer risk by eighteen percent twenty two percent increase for breast cancer know what it is they look at French adults a hundred thousand of them and it did Lincoln center sugary drinks on increasing cancer and involves a recent study linking sugar consumption to premature death what we all knew that if you like crab it all got you probably get diabetes and heart disease I mean we knew that but yes Sir well sugar does feel cancer so the results indicate statistically significant correlations between the consumption of sugar sweetened drinks and the risk of all cancers combined and breast cancer okay there really specify breast cancer and this one is going to key in Johnson nutrition researcher and America's follow from the quadrant institute of bio sites so surprisingly perhaps the increased risk of cancer is heavier and heavier consumers a sugary drinks was observed even among consumers appear for kids see when I want something sweet I'll go to some lemonade or some you know apple Jews are great shoes now in fact they found that some of these fruit drinks are even more sugary than soda pop but we're like but its fruit there's supposed to be real fruit well don't allow these you know for it's only a ten percent real Jews so sugar is out cancer loves sugar infection love sugar Ardery plaques love sugar we really got to be you know anti sugar as we move forward when it comes to our health ms is we do need some cards so natural sugars Mike and fruit you can have some of those you know healthy greens brand things like that starches I'm fine with but I'm a little nervous about going Okey Doke because I mean you know forcing your body to use other fuel sources yeah they help you lose weight but again I don't like stress on the body so I'm not a hundred percent on board with that yet but you know drinking rum and cokes every night drinking wine that could be sweet with sugar you know not really the best thing to do they

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