Amazon plans to retrain 100,000 employees


The robots may eventually be coming for all of our job but Amazon's got a plan for its work force the company announced a seven hundred million dollar investment in retraining today it is going to up skill their word definitely not mine about a hundred thousand people a third of its workforce by the year twenty twenty five but here's the catch there's not much of a catch the programs are almost completely free and no commitment all the stadiums on when you're done for more workplace culture desk marketplace making McCarty Karina looks at what Amazon is getting for the money three training programs target employees at all levels of Amazon so already tech savvy workers can expand their skills and automation and non technical workers like the ones in warehouses can gain skills to work with that new tech Jed Kolko chief economist with job search site indeed says the programs help Amazon walk a fine line keeping morale high among current workers in a tight labor market while simultaneously facilitating the technology to replace them in the future working with models and robotics and other automated technologies will surely be in at least as much demand is today Brad her spine an economist at the Upjohn institute for employment research says training an existing employee for a future job can be more cost effective than hiring a new one but that's of the training is actually effective the evidence is somewhat mixed he says retraining programs work best when the teacher broad set of skills in depth that can be adapted to multiple types of jobs rather than narrow technical training because trying to figure out which skills are going to be in demand in the future it is very hard Amazon will also pay ninety five percent of tuition and fees for degrees in high demand fields outside its current business model like nursing and aircraft mechanics Michael's in an analyst at Piper Jaffray says the move makes sense as Amazon is already dipped its toe into new ventures in health care and drone technology to do that the company will need a strong work force that's well versed in whatever the company plans to kind of spread its tentacles into in the future imagine being examined by an Amazon tray nurse and getting an Amazon prescription delivered by an Amazon drone I'm making McCarty Carino for

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