HK leader says bill withdrawal own decision, not Beijing's


This morning Carrie lam announced that she is withdrawing that's for the benefit of the Steelers fans out there Pakistan's are pretty smart that's why they know they're in trouble Steelers fans have no clue that they're in trouble Carrie lam is the chief executive Hong Kong appointed by Beijing by a president he and his colleagues and **** out this morning she is withdrawing extradition bill proving once again that the hard things you have to do get harder the longer you wait they don't get easier Mike Gallagher do you think that will be enough to calm the waters in Hong Kong. I actually don't and I'm glad that she recalled the extradition bell but as we've seen the protests have expanded I mean the extradition bill what the spark that lit the fire but it's become about far more than that it's become about the Chinese Communist Party remaking on explicit promises it made when according over Hong Kong was transitioned from the U. K. ET explicitly the promise of universal suffrage allowing all corners to choose who is the chief executive rather than the CZ P. appointing a lackey like Carrie lam and so I actually don't think that this will solve the problem entirely I do hope that it has a calming effect I think the protesters have conducted themselves hello Kelly and I do think ultimately we need to be sending the signal a concert with our allies that any escalation by the Chinese Communist Party would be met with consequences and in the interim I think the CTP but he'll direct Kerr for cracking down on anything Hong Kongers who said they want to protect their relatively free way of life I for example called the US open those ninety I'm responsible for violent protesters interest with actors of the Hong Kong human rights and democracy act which would add to the nineteen ninety two legislation according Hong Kong it's special treatment we should also consider hacking Bargo on China should the situation Holcomb get worse the final thing I want you to connect your two favorite topics Hong Kong and the U. K. I want to commend an article that my good friend and fellow nine eleven war veteran a comp you can have wrote in the Atlantic recently where he proposes a way in which Britain can actually reach out to Hong Kongers you have some claim to British citizenship and the further way of advancing the cause of freedom in Hong Kong I just would demand that article they ever wanted Tom is one of the smartest voices on US foreign policy in the entire world how do you spell his last name. to get at he Eugene E. N. H. A. D. E. I believe that's not that roll off your tongue and so you'll have a link to that now tweeted out I will read that now it seems to me I've had Mike Pompeii a leader McConnell Tom cotton now you have all said the same thing that that protesters have got to be protected it does seem to me they have an opportunity here to go from open hostility to negotiation with the government yeah the secret police don't begin to round them up it seems to me that's what the the free world ought to be asking for is that we will be watching very closely and the leader talked about yesterday amending the Hong Kong bell from years ago if they use this opportunity to arrest and remove leaders of the opposition is that something you're watching Mike Gallagher okay and and that's the one of the consistent demands of the protesters they want to make sure that there's no unnecessary retaliation against people that have taken to the streets in other words you know and I have to resolve the short term but over the long term the G. D. P. yeah really Hey Leslie cracked down on those who took to the street and that's one thing we should all watch close I would think you that if there is any massive crackdown by the U. P. I do think they beat shooting themselves in the foot I mean it's it's ethically can do it yeah our spot because such an event with a rapidly damage the city stature as a reliable and desirable global financial that would be background but that would be equally damaging for China given the unique role that Hong Kong plays in the global financial system so the real question today Caroline is made a major concession one of the five demands of the protesters by withdrawing extradition bill is what do the protesters do next and how do they respond and in my view I don't think. the other scale it back but they ought to very much shined any violence that they ought to maybe go out and celebrate a little bit but also open the op open the door to being taking yes for an answer you make five demand you get to a mere happy right. how to present a great right I mean the seven percent solution Albert on a percent that never heard it it's always the right answer and so and of course your point about not escalating violence I think by and large the protectors of conduct themselves very I not only her Oakley but reserve Italy and I and I commend them for that I had after actually transiting back through Hong Kong and protesters holding hands you know playing together and they really moved by the whole site but of course no escalation to violent but that goes for both sides right we don't want any lack of the CCP tried to stir things up certainly I again I just I I'm glad that everyone from Mike on pale to enter Mitch McConnell can I tell you far lower in the in that sort of on the totem pole and all those people are on the same page and think that the free world needs really need to stand up any potential Chinese aggression

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