Trump envoy charged with Middle East peace plan is leaving post


President trump special envoy for the Middle East Jason green Blatter said that he's to step down from the post along with Mr trump son in law Jared Kushner has been the architect of the much vaunted peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians that's long been delayed and is yet to be revealed our Arab has added sense of Aston aasha reports Jason green back to being a trusted trump associate for years before taking on the Middle East envoy post Mr trump is already tweeted his appreciation to him for his service saying that his dedication to Israel and to seeking peace between Israel and the Palestinians wouldn't be forgotten that the testament that Mr green that should be leaving behind him the peace plan described by president trump as the ultimate deal has yet to emerge the Palestinians have already will be dismissed at one it's delays have created widespread skepticism over its chances of success the news of Mr green that's resignation even though not with immediate effect inevitably raises new questions over its

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