Winnie and Nelson Mandela's Marriage Survived Prison but Not Freedom



Hey history lovers. I'm mike rosen walled with retro pod. A show about the past rediscovered nelson mandela's extraordinary. Mary life is filled with unanswerable questions. What would he have accomplished around the world. If he hadn't spent twenty seven years behind bars would the course of apartheid in south africa which he fought so vehemently against been halted decades earlier and and what his epic love affair with his wife winnie have survived they met at a bus stop in soweto south africa she was twenty two and as the nation's first black female social -ocial worker her life had already taken off. He was forty married and had three children. He was fixated on a seemingly only impossible goal to end south africa's systemic policies of racism a week later. They got indian food together. He was smitten. He wrote in his biography. I cannot say for certain if there is such a thing as love at first sight but i do know that the moment moment i first glimpsed winning. I knew that i wanted to have her as my wife mandela divorced his first wife and then he and when he got married the relationship was passionate. They held hands publicly and went to jazz clubs occasionally. They fought though about the little things other couples oral about every day like when nelson tried to teach winnie how to drive they were emerging as the ultimate power our couple powerful voices against apartheid in south africa and racism around the world but their happiness and their power was short lived a few years after their wedding mandela was convicted of a treasonous plot to violently overthrow the government and sentenced to life in prison meanwhile when he faced her own struggles as she fought a racist political system she was was arrested harassed and forbidden for most social contact in one thousand nine hundred thousand nine. She began serving an eighteen month prison sentence in solitary confinement. She was tortured in her memoir. She wrote the whole experience is so terrible because i had left little little children at home in bed and i had no idea what had happened to them but throughout all the pain both emotional and physical when he stood by her husband in his absence she took up leading the resistance against apartheid she fought for her husband's release in the end though it was a marriage that survived prison but not freedom in one thousand ninety moments after mandela's release iconic hanako photos were taken of him. His right hand raised clenched in a fist. His left hand claps when he's hand the appeared. Still i'm very much in love but the cameras didn't capture the toll that mandela's long imprisonment took on the couple they they were only allowed to see each other during brief prison visiting hours the great depth of their early. Love affair drifted off when he wrote in in her memoir. I had so little time to love him when he also got caught up in political scandals and was even connected with kidnapping in murder she was unfaithful and she didn't deny it two years after mandela was freed. They separated four years later are they divorced. Winnie madikizela-mandela died earlier. This year and mandela always is acknowledged. His ex wife's strength. When he announced their separation. In nineteen ninety-two he conceded that his estranged wife had suffered greatly early and praised her efforts fighting apartheid while he was in prison. He said her tenacity reinforced my personal respect. Don't love and growing affection.

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