Broncos return to the practice field after Hall of Fame weekend


The Broncos make a roster move as they return to the practice field following a big weekend for the franchise after all the fame weekend at a hall of fame game the Broncos were back on the practice field Sunday and had a new addition running back Theo Riddick comes over from the lines after recently being released Vic Fangio coach against Riddick the last four years and likes the running backs versatility you know if there's a threat coming out of the backfield that adds another dimension to an offense and you know usually you're just worried about the receivers and a good tight and if the other team has one now you add it back in there it's another dimension defensive lineman Billy when was placed on injured reserve to make room for Riddick also returning to practice Dejan Hamilton Jr one James Jake Rogers and Bryce Callahan the Broncos we back on the practice field Monday at nine fifteen but you still training center rating crystal gateway

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