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All right so so we are going to start today by testing out. We have a battle between Pumkin yogurts. We have three Pumpkin yogurts that we're gonNA try we have. Dan Enlightened Fit Pumpkin Pie. We have show Bonnie pumpkin spice and we have trader joes Pumpkin Greek Non Fat Yogurt so we're going to first start with the Dan enlightened fit fit which only has eighty calories. This is by far the lowest calorie of all no fat at all now. You know I'm a dirt so that's you loud that yogurt expert for the the people who don't know shorthand so this is. This is going to be interesting okay. I'm mixing it up the texture. It feels good. It feels nice and thick you know a lot of times. These like throwback old fashioned light yogurt or a little thinner. This is like a good textile and this was the only one of the three that's not Greek It's just regular our old. Dan Enlighten fit eighty calories bubby American younger. This is nice sweet. It's a little too sweet on board. Is it sweetened with yeah. It tastes me like tin cans probably aspartame or sucralose or a super-low super-low yell. It tastes little splendor riff but it's eighty calories and it's a pretty nice size yeah. It's not bad. Actually I don't I would say it serves a purpose you know at that is Greek Greek Greek well. That's a little thicker animals more sound this hour side. Um You know it doesn't have. I'M GONNA you're GonNa hear this like a broken record. I am very sensitive to clove so when things are overly clove it reminds me of going to the dentist dentist when I was a child but that didn't it didn't overdo it on the cloth. I thought it was nicely spiced with the sweetener was a little out of control. Say I think that your dentist should be fired for giving giving clove like my dentist had like marshmallow floride and it's not that it was part of the medicine was like it wasn't like it's like here's your clove-flavoured to face all right well. The next one is the pro trader Joe's Pumpkin Greek Non Fat Yogurt. This has one hundred thirty calories stories and twenty carbs and twelve grams of protein. The last one also twelve fourteen but I have to say the Calorie count is way higher on this fun. I'm looking forward to this. I bought actually about like four or five of them and I haven't had them because I couldn't cheat and have them before you guys home four It Zero Pumpkin really I think they forgot the pumpkin flavor. Are you just say cinnamon cinnamon light cinnamon taste almost glue. I would definitely not spend fifty. More calories is on this one. No I don't really usually trader. Joe's is a home run. Mike do you like it. I don't hate it but I definitely would love more Pumpkin but I like yogurt and it has a good texture that to me. It's all about texture. It does have good texture. Maybe you chopped up apples and a little more cinnamon your own pumpkin spice to it. Yeah I don't know I was like like that was unimpressive to me. This is Giovanni which is considerably thinner than the other two hundred and twenty calories. This is not nonfat and has two point five grams of fat still low. Oh Levin grams of protein so it's competing in the protein department much thinner. I'm much thinner and a little less full leans like some big scoop out there. You know what this tastes like to me like you know the icing on the top the Danish flavor almost like but it's it's specifically Danish flavored icing. I like the author Tasers all Pumpkin. That's great. That's the Best Trapani to me hands down the winner in the Yogurt Department. If you're in search of a Pumpkin yogurt the season stick with Giovanni I will say just my opinion shockingly. I liked the Dan enlightened fit even though like if you're sensitive to artificial sweeteners it's no but I can deal with Blenda. It was really yummy very very sweet but but definitely tasty good nicely spiced okay moving onto pancakes and waffles. We have yet another pumpkin battle. this is the time of year where all of these things are popping up on shelves this these two are actually this is going to be a good one because Kodiak cakes. I don't know what happened. They are taking the world by storm. Everybody loves Kodiak Cakes. They make a flap Jack and waffle mix in Pumpkin and flax flavor ten grams of protein a hundred and ninety calories serving two grams of fat. You can find these target and let me know Jamie if we have to tell people where the the yogurts are available but or they more mainstream and they're pretty mainstream obviously the trader. Joe's one is only at trader. Joe's the other ones are nationwide. Okay good so the Kodiak cakes her target and I don't know where else you get Kodiak hy-vee there's a store locator you can check out and there's some on Amazon but hurry up because it's low stock curry hurry okay and then the other one we're gonNA be trying Birch Benders Pumpkin Spice Paleo Pancake and waffle mix and those have one hundred forty calories a six grams of fat six grams of protein. Those are also a target so these are competing on the shelves at target and also at at home. It's great okay so let's go. We're going to start with the Kodiak cakes. I'm thinking perfect almost closer to me. Perfect love the look of Kodiak cakes and they're so fluffy they they make really good products and I think that the people like the Kodiak people are really cool. I met them like some food. Show on and these are just add water by the way Oh oh yeah you don't have to. I'm just going to use the back of my spoon to cut a little piece on. We're just a little. It's a little flat right yeah like a little soggy looking getting bigger than that to me. They don't taste so pumpkin but they're good. They're all of them. I never met a pancake. I didn't like Rome all right. I'm not a big pancake person. Those are just okay to me and I didn't have butter and Syrup Pancake like you did just recently when we were on our trip in Philadelphia the hotel that we stayed Pumpkin or their pancakes in the morning. We're not I mean. Can you really Count Hotel pancakes. Yes everything else they did. There was good. Oh all right. This is the Birch benders. It's lighter in color. The other one was dark on these feel like spongy kind of hope. They're better than the that syrup that we tried awesome. Oh that's right spongier. They do know there. Buttermilk pancakes are probably one of the best but these are not nearly as good as their buttermilk pancakes. These tastes like they have more fat oh they do. They have a lot more fat. They taste richer sick. They do tastes richer six grams of fat him giving a little bit too early six grams of protein. I don't know I have to be honest. I'd rather make my own. Don't we have like a recipe coming. It's coming out in a couple of weeks. It's the best those are phenomenal and I didn't know what it was going to run but they're they're way better than this on just okay. I liked the Birch benders better. What did you like better probably the bridge benders but that's because I'm reacting to the richness like all the VAT. I taste it but I love Kodiak everything so don't feel bad Kodiak people. We love you yeah. I think I'd do the bender okay. We ready to move onto bars. Let's go to the bar. We have bars and bars in bars ars but we we let we narrowed it down because there are a lot of pumpkin bars out on the market so we only have the Rx bar in Pumpkin spice which is a seasonal flavor and we we have the Lara Bar which is also a seasonal flavor in Pumpkin Pie. They're sort of comparably nutritional. they have com comparable. Mac rose to entrant in calories in the our expert two hundred calories in the Lara Bar. One has eight grams of fat. One has nine Lara bar is a little more fat fat five grams of fiber in the x bar four grams of fiber in the Lara Bar and the big difference is protein. The Rx Bar has twelve wapping grams of protein and Lara bar only has four. That's a big difference totally nuts and I'll give you some avail info while you open those up the Rx expires our at our expert dot com target whole foods trader Joe's

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