Presiding over Kiev's tourism boom


Tourism is booming in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Thanks in large part to the renewed interest in visiting the site of the Noble Nuclear Power Plant all of that is happy news for Kiev's celebrity mayor the former world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko the rising political star of this former Soviet state sit down with a Europe correspondent Linton Besser in one day some training come come to our school and ask boys who wants to be the champion in boxing yes of course everyone stand up and we starting to train gene from beginning the coach told. I was tall and skinny. He's not good for boxing you. Maybe for swimming. I was really upset. All my friends was boxing and I'm not the young Vitali Klitschko refused to to listen instead. He decided to prove the China wrong it by the way I lose my pillow fight in boxing but the you me so much motivation to show oh my skills and fight and fight and fight and better result than my friends and actually I have a dream to be one day. The heavyweight wait champion the world as you former world heavyweight champion. Vitali Klitschko is now the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kiev and is one of the most popular politicians in eastern Europe. What's more violent boxing politics boxing my shoe much more easy. You have one opponent. We have clear rules politics you have. I love opponents no rules and in boxing input. Eh ex-professional is fighting just three or four times. A year in politics is fighting three hundred sixty five times everyday. He's five Kiev is now experiencing an unprecedented surge in foreign tourists the heading toward on Ukraine not to sample. It's famous amos cheese dumplings or it's Borscht soup but to visit the scene of the worst nuclear accident in history and the nearby ghost city city of Pripyat. Actually right now is journalists attraction for many people around the wall to everybody know about strategy and many of people want to see the gust CD. Nobody leave their own radio thirty years to listen to the story ball. Oh Disease Strategy and the numbers of visitors right now around hundred thousand breer. It's been thirty three years since Canabal reactor exploded and I went to the exclusions on to report on the boom in disaster tourists. It was a bizarre experience wandering wandering around the city of built to service the power plant and now long since abandoned children all special Chernobyl is it's difficult to explain with water. You have to feel that people leave the house and after that nobody wasn't his houses also if you go in in the loop with date ninety eighty six because in Boston they explained with people you leave just fo couple of days and you come back and after that nobody comes back tally. Klitschko has a special connection to the tragedy. I was fifteen. Eighteen Journal will explode and father told the beat Reggie lease staying home. Please don't go outside. It's was actually officially officially. Nothing happens small problem in the autumn station but nobody expected how Hugest Brooklyn how dangerous FAW AW everybody an Air Force officer Klitschko senior was directly involved in the cleanup operation at the plant farther spent whole all summer and after that years later all his friends died we say God or father stay healthy untouchable from radiation radiation but ten years ago Lake Oma we bring to our father to the best specialist if they Leeson they wasn't your noble. You get wants to love to novel attack. Klitschko is now pushing for the two thousand six hundred square kilometer to noble exclusion zone to be used to house new solar energy fields to help shift Ukraine from its ongoing dependence on nuclear energy the era of turnover have to use a oh for solar energy and actually we have a Lotta companies who ready to do that the infrastructure there already built many in years ago but for nickel as you right now we have to change the green energy and right now we have developed his own as green energies on even while Ukraine fought a war with Russia in its southeast it continues to depend on Russian nuclear fuel for its reactors. Klitschko says Ukrainians Liens don't want to leave and Moscow's Yolk. If you want to talk about the conflict between Russia new brain the conflict gail political question. Shen because Ukraine don't want to be part of Russia Empire. We see off you share part of European family and Ukrainians were that tally Klitschko. Oh has his eyes firmly sit on his future as a rising political star of this troubled former Soviet state but when I ask him about his favorite favorite fights this still glint in the I I fought against many boxers ten and breaks Lennox Lewis. I have a dream always as a WHO drink to fight Mike Tyson but the wheel rid decided about Mike Tyson lose the title and my dreams Brock and you wanted to keep both years is much shorter than me and do the bite my ears to break up. Oh let's consideration as a boxer has to make. How do you keep your ears safe. If you're going to fight Mike Tyson there that was the mayor of Kiev in the former world heavyweight boxing champions retallack Klitschko the speaking to our Europe correspondent Linton Besser.

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