Why 'The Irishman' May Not Be Coming to a Theater Near You


I'm kim masters and this is the hollywood breakdown joining me as melanie of the hollywood reporter and matt net flicks is going for the gold you know they. They got very very close to a best picture. They certainly got the nomination. They didn't get the win last year with roma now. They have a crazy number of movies that they are pushing into the award season. <hes> i think probably the highest profile is martin scorsese's. The irishman an a an outlandishly expensive film about one hundred and sixty million paramount wouldn't do it. <hes> but netflix would now what you're seeing. Is this this drama. Of what kind of release will this movie get and it's almost like the film world is saying hey. This is martin scorsese movie. It has to be in theaters. I accept that's not really an option well. It isn't a small sense. I mean this is becoming an annual debate with netflix where everyone takes note of these high high profile projects that they pick up and then the question becomes well. Wait a second. This is the kind of movie that a lot of people wanna see in theater and the filmmakers certainly wants to see it in a theater later. So what are you gonna do about it and netflix is in this really really tough position. They would love to show these movies for a small amount of time in theaters nationwide worldwide worldwide but they go out and do the road show they try to convince these big theater chains to play the movie and again this year that theater chain said oh. It's going to be out on netflix in a couple of weeks. No we're not gonna play this movie so what you have here is. This is going to release about ten films this fall in theaters but they're forced. I only show them in small independent theater chains new york los angeles some other big cities and for about three four weeks in some cases before they go on the service. We know that steven spielberg for example had some feelings that he sort of expressed last year with roma saying if it's not on screens it's it's a t._v. It's a it's a t._v. Movie it's not a movie movie and then there was a lot of blowback about that and people thought it was exclusionary of young talent. That doesn't necessarily have the power command that kind of release. There was a lot of debate but i imagine if i were steven spielberg i'd be sort of smiling and nodding to myself because i think unless netflix can breakthrough and snag an actual best picture award or some serious batch of major awards at the oscars. I dunno if i'm in a list director to who thinks that i have the power you know to demand a wide release. I'm going to be looking at my options and i'm gonna wanna go to someone who has the ability to say yes. We'll let this play really wide in theaters and because that is the you know it's the holy grail for filmmakers. One thing is clear here and that's that netflix is not going away. I mean they they are coming back. This season even stronger than last season where roma while a great film was a niche play. It was a tough sit as they say you had to really. They get into the the art films of all black and white. It was a period piece. It was different language all of those things yes made it a huge challenge and that's very different from a martin scorsese says he film which has gangsters violence and stylish scenes and everything like that you know they've also got this noah baumbach film with scarlett johansson and adam driver ever to stars of marvel and star wars franchises that are going to be in a film that i think a lot of people are going to want to see and eric story is the name of the film just to fill that in and it's supposed to be getting way out of venice which has just started exactly and i think that the more every season netflix learns a little bit about how to release these films and even if they can't get at that big wide scale theatrical release. They're doing everything else possible to court these filmmakers. They have a sixty person award staff. The people working at netflix dedicated to winning awards. They have no expense spared campaigns. They were they host events. They run <unk> advertising. They pull out all the stops and these are the kinds of things that filmmakers take notice because they say what are you doing for my movie. Well and the other advantage that netflix has of courses at the studios are getting out of this kind of business so we'll see what happens. That's matt bellamy editorial director of the hollywood

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