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Available finally picture house website or reverse the at britain's national magazine festival page. Also that's going to be the cameo in edinburgh then we're in york september the twenty sixth at city screen now believe tickets potter sold out but give it a try and <hes> you know on the day as well there may well be returns who knows they were in liverpool well again. Apparently there's a sold out show. <hes> september third september third october third october third in liverpool at fact limerick tober tenth in brighton at dukes a comedian <hes> really excited about that and <hes> we're wrapping up in belfast. Yeah we are rounded up october seventeenth in belfast as part of the cinematic festival. It's also celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year and we're really really excited. Helena lion particular excited to come back. Go back home. I've never been to nine. You're gonna have to show me around <hes> yeah. I love you over there too big tour bus like the food. I wish we we ha- that'd be so fun but we have a separate buses like helen refuses to ride and same buses us. Okay yeah you can understand if we can borrow the brexit bus. Let's take that three hundred fifty giving chris. I'm terry terry nick and i'm happy to spend i'm. I'm happy to split three hundred fifty million a week ten days a week i could i could probably my best ranch now. He's gonna be great the very excited but you also. You should probably mention that on friday. The thirteenth also london podcast. Your rights kermode on the curb wouldn't feel podcast is going to be about is in fact true horned portly. The politics podcast will shine on friday nights so go educational cutty campaign against for that as well and you you on the latest episode. What's you've had him on. Chris chris came fuck. You don't even watch t._v. Doff off. That's not true. I know it's <hes> i do once a month chef special. I love you guys. I i didn't watch the whole of the last series of great british menu or master chef. I'm sorry that i'm slipping too much t._v. And i did watch offense so i haven't god

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