Brian Ortega, Holloway And Edgar I discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra


There. So what do you think the Odyssey Holloway Against Edgar I took Holloway only because Frankie has lost a few title fight which I want to talk about I think they said it was like five straight. I think in a row with five straight would have covered a say in a row like an asshole. We got Jim but I get A._T._M.. Machine you're right but I gave the <hes> I gave the edge to MACs just because I didn't see him losing twice in a row and he just lost and I also thought that the ten years difference 'cause they're cardio for Edgar's amazing match also has great cardio and Max is really hard to get it on and Brian Ortega showed you how good you are on the ground around. You have to get him on the ground I and he

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