The Internet Responds to the New Trailer for 'Cats'

The Big Picture


The trailer for the movie cats uh-huh so curveball if we could create a vast distance between quality as vast distances possible from the South Pole to the North Pole and back again that's cats to once upon a time in Hollywood in my mind Chris. I Really WanNa know what you thought of the cats trailer. I'm starting to lose the La- grip on the road pure man like I don't know. I don't really know what my purpose and role is in this culture if this is what we're doing wow if brought you to your knees. I'm a fake animal that sings. I don't need me. You'll need my takes like you know what I'm saying like retiring. I'm I'm just saying that like I have nothing to offer. Cats culture cats culture yeah. What's what is it? What are your dog guy? You know wish that Milton in could sing no did I need to see James Corden as a cat various other people as cats. I I don't know who this movie is for other than intense fans of the extremely long running winning Broadway musical cats which is utterly mediocre musical by all accounts not really in the in the Pantheon of the great examples of all time memories. JAMMIES is okay but you know what what else. I don't know they've assemble levels <unk>. Dave assembled a lot of talent. This has like all time stinker at non it. I think it has all time film twitter meam Lord written all over and we find out that film twitter is not the real world. I think three hundred dollars yes. That's the big question is is the trailer hit on Thursday. Everybody acted as if they got a star is born but in reverse yeah they could that they were they thought was going to be bad and it was actually worse than they thought it was going to be and they they left at the chance like a cat right to make fun of it can can I just read some of the names of of the characters lease due. Taylor swift is playing a cat named bumble Arena Scher eagerly anticipating that performance Gordon is playing a cat named Busta for Jones Yeah Yeah of course as the call me that Jennifer Hudson Grizz Abella Yup the crucible is the singer of memories rebel Wilson Jenny any dots yeah cool cat names racism creative writing Cinderella tighter. Yeah I know about that guy little known facts about cat. Isn't there something Jelica yes little known. Fact about cats is Andrew. Lloyd Webber was nine years old when he wrote it surprising that we're not but <hes> so you guys are. I'm not anticipating this movie not that much snow. Would you say you're anticipating it less than Topgun Maverick. Yeah I mean I think that if if you could if I could get in a time machine and they were like do you WanNa go back and kill Hitler right or you know Bassy Alexander the Great Cross the Russian steps I would like can I just go ahead fifteen months to see top gun to in the span of five minutes you have retired fulltime cultural commentary and you have stated that rather than kill Hitler. You would like like to go forward nine months. The high stakes here. I can't imagine listen people's choices of their own choices it I could not. I can't imagine sitting through this movie. Here's the here's the issue with the realistic take on cats. What's the genitals where are they? What's going on with them? You see I'm watching trailing arm like I'm expecting to see a para harakat nuts. Are you not you are because it's a realistic moved in this. Why are we doing it? Can they wear pants. Why are they not wearing pants? WHO's Coordi- character Busta for bus drivers got like a little petticoat yeah? He's starting it some wearing pants summer. Not What is the deal. What does the deal is this exactly what you hoped or hoping the Jason would imitate Jerry Seinfeld seeing the trailer for cats so yes? This is exactly what imagining

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