Popeyes' popular chicken sandwiches all sold out


Line I'm sure you've heard about the much hyped Popeye's chicken sandwich well it's been so popular the fast food chain is completely sold out across the country including here in Boston WBZ's James Ross unfortunately had to break the news to people who were looking to get one today NAIA is sitting outside the pop by is here near Fenway Park she was just about to go inside to order the new very popular and much hyped chicken sandwich yeah and my friends on the way here too but I don't think we're going to be able to get anything since he says also I've heard that it's like it's some people said is overrated but I mean I'm willing to like try it if they get it sooner or later yeah it's going to be a little while the manager here tells me they sold out yesterday and don't expect another shipment for another week next Tuesday at the earliest Renee a though will be back hello yeah I want to try one I still have it I don't know how but like everyone else has in Kenmore square James R. O. hasta you Beezy Boston's

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