Do you think video games lead to violence in society?


Today. We're talking about the video games and violence. Okay are violent video games a problem for our kids. These days still on. I think violent video games are problem in general not not just for our children before adults. I think that if you want to say that anytime we're exposing someone to violence that can make them a little more aggressive than that's true but are we're going to say that violent video games are the reason that you're seeing some of the things that we're seeing society with these shootings than i think that's an argument that you know there's different sides of the fence where the bandera did a study alber bandera scientists who did a study back in nineteen thousand nine hundred sixty one were. It's called the bobo doll experiment where the bobo doll experiment okay and so it was looking at observational learning social learning theory where essentially if you watch children watch parents become aggressive then what happens they'll they'll repeat those behaviors so we know that once kids witnessed certain aggressive things that they're more likely to repeat those behaviors immediately after after watching it but is it to say that over time those aggressive behaviors will stick with them. Research doesn't support that wow that's very interesting <hes> so you know you so you talked about <hes> violence and and you know what you surround yourself with it brings me back to how we opened the show our spiritual daily by ana v mendoza which was does can you say it again for us yeah so it was just to be mindful of your ingesting mind body and soul because it's it's really important net really impacts the way you think your lifestyle your quality of life. Every hamlet affects you on every level. So if you're ingesting a lot of violence you will become violent highland. Don't you think it's it depends right because if we're saying that if i'm if i'm in a violent home in which i'm watching my mother and my father fought a lot arm in in a violent community than in those situations i may be combined because i feel like i need to be violent in order to survive so now we're talking about. Survival opposed to me watching violent movies. These are playing violin video games a lot of times. There's a separation where kids can understand that. Hey this is video game. A lot of times with video games are viewing. Those is simply outlets. That's an outlet for me. Take out my frustration. Nowadays keys are not outside playing football and baseball they used to they're going inside so now what happens they're getting on the game and they're yelling screaming at the game so now they can go to school and they can function so for us to kind of look at it where any bilingual that that we're exposed to can cause us. I think there are certain situations where we're we're more likely to be violent if we're exposed to certain things than others and i think in home in environmental violence is definitely more bay predicted than video games. Well you know that makes me think of one. One of my favorite books suffered the children by maryland wedge which was renamed <hes> pills or not for preschoolers. This is a very old edition but says when i'm doing therapy i'm thinking of two levels of meaning all all the time of a child is angry and explosive. I immediately out asked myself who else in <hes> in his family. She's speaking of little boy who else in his family might be angry. Explosive explosive even though the other family member may express those feelings in a different fashion and says we saw this with joey who's outward anger reflected his father's inner rage about his job while that's think about that so a you see a kid on the playground and he whether he's cussing up a storm or he's he's doing inappropriate things. You're always wondering hey what is this kid witnessing at home right what's going on and sometimes you have their witness at home but there's other times where maybe they're picking up on those behaviors and other other places but i think even more importantly is you sit down and you act kid. Hey what's going on. Why do you think this is okay the ability to want to correct behavior. I think sometimes we're quick to go behind closed doors and say it start judging instead of asking the question like hey are you okay. Why do you think that's appropriate or hey let me talk with your parents about what's going on because again. If there's a behavior behavior that we noticed what the child is problematic. Why not try to correct it but let's try to correct it in an appropriate way. Do you feel that there is a correlation between all the school shootings and all the violence is that we have in our world now <hes> and and video games the increasing <hes> i mean so many kids have these in their hands and adults to as you said case you talked about at the beginning beginning <hes> when we first started talking about this that adults to that should be aware of the violence that they're ingesting okay so there is is there a correlation. I believe yes there is a correlation elation but correlation doesn't necessarily mean that that's the call so again. There's only twenty percent of kids who <hes> twenty percent of the kids who engaged in these mass shootings means <hes> play video games right. That's a very small number and then when we look at the las vegas shooting. That was a sixty three year old man so a lot of times. If we're looking for something something to blame we will we will find something to blame. Instead of looking at a person is more likely to commit violence due to substance abuse the anything and then here we go. We're talking about school. Shootings a lot of times in this thing. That kinda bothers me. We see in the media. There's a lot of discussion about hey. That's mental health mental health so what that means is for the person who is out there suffering suffer winning and depression there now fearful to go talk to them in a health professional because the fear is hey. They're gonna put me in that group. If i tell them i have mental health they're going to think i am more likely likely to be a mass shooter and i think the narrative is giving is is creating the problem with the stigma set of helping the people that committed the crimes of the school shootings weren't most of them on <hes> pharmaceuticals as well. Well i five percentage or even. I'm thinking they might even be like every one of them. It could have been but is it prescription prescription or is it more so when you have kids nowadays who are engaging in recreational drug use as far as like prescription drugs and things of that nature that are given to their parents or their grandparents not surly them so again. Substance abuse doesn't increase violence yeah

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