Kirsten Gillibrand drops out of presidential race


Senator. Kirsten gillibrand democrat of new york democratic presidential candidate has just tweeted. She is dropping out of the race for the democratic presidential nomination. She hasn't been doing well in the polls now. But what's your reaction well. The shows which a couple of things one how important these debates are if you can't make that debate stage which is next next week. The next democratic presidential debate at a._b._c.'s hosting is going to be in houston texas. She did not qualify for that debate. Let me read that you just. I posted on twitter today. I am ending my campaign for president. I'm so proud of this team and all we've accomplished but i think it's important to know how oh you can best serve to our supporters. Thank you from the bottom of my heart now. Let's go beat donald trump and win back. The senate campaigns usually don't end just run out the money and she could not raise the funds to keep that camp ain't going if you get into the debate. Maybe you can <hes> generate some excitement. Some publicity about your campaign generates more funds uh-huh that didn't happen so it's just it was the death knell for her camping next democratic presidential debate in two weeks. What do you think jackie so we'll have i i. I don't think this is going to be the end of folks shopping. 'cause ryan's absolutely right if you don't have that exposure if you're not able to catch fire the debates that she was in. She really didn't make much of an impact. Can you could argue that because she didn't get enough time but it just didn't happen for her. She also face some headwinds among democratic donor set because of her decision to recall out al franken and call for him to resign and sort of leave the charge there. She didn't back down on that she she doubled tripled down on that decision and made it a part part of her campaign but that did that was <hes> you part of her difficulty. <hes> raising the necessary funds to continue <hes> and then there's is the <hes> the other issue with <hes> some of these campaigns that are having trouble making the debates saying that the dnc rules aren't necessarily helpful to campaign campaigns are aren't that people who aren't necessarily in the national spotlight suspect more candidates are gonna be dropping out fairly soon as

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