Joe Biden, New York City And Vice President discussed on Jeff Ward and Ed Clements


For vice president Joe Biden in a speech today is unveiling his foreign policy plank as it's paying described he's got three main foreign policy pillars strengthening democracy at home and abroad creating a foreign policy for the middle class and taking a leadership role on global threats all this in a speech this afternoon in New York City and while I don't have all the details and I didn't hear the speech I just have to say I'm reminded of some remarks from former defense secretary Robert gates actually wrote in his memoirs several years ago and has since commented on it and the quote was Joe Biden has been wrong on virtually every major foreign policy decision that's ever come along in the last four decades so Robert gates the defense secretary not a big fan of Joe Biden's foreign policy background and here's Joe Biden rolling out his foreign policy did to us today did you say foreign policy for middle income for the middle class yeah would you like now he's got to work that word middle class in there somehow some way why would it be different for whatever class you were in don't know I'm guessing that's just pandering to the middle class and making sure he gets middle class in the headlines that's bizarre of his foreign policy speech there in New

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