Big Brother 21 - Wednesday Night Sept 11 Veto Recap


We we are two weeks away from the big brother finale got a lot to talk about here tonight on our recap sorry about the delay everybody who's watching live but if you only knew what i had to work with year on the road to make this show happen you would you would understand this mad scientist situation russian that we have going on here of course very excited to be joined here tonight by an esteemed member of the l. FC please welcome welcome the great most danny must how're you doing great i'm very excited to talk about one of my favorite veto competitions BB comics i'm very happy happy that they kind of did a back to basics thing and copied the same competition from big brother sixteen when they first did become a throwback a throwback a throwback robak for the bbc comex classic edition and a throwback to podcast i remember listening to fondly on my way back from mini rene apple when was puja and melissa were on a together many wednesdays ends days ago here he is back on the podcast this time with me here is the great poo poo how are you i'm doing good rob i'm happy happy to be here taryn might not listen to this because he's in new york but upgrade i just got an upgrade here no shade taryn just kidding very excited to be here and very excited to talk bb colleagues okay well very excited fun veto competition and we will talk through the looming not since lebron james puja has there been such a highly anticipated decision of what will happen on thursday night we'll find out live when we are doing our show from the SPCA theater here in new york city i'm out on strong island right now much like nicole and looking forward to our big live show on a thursday night but a lot of talk through you could use hashtag RJ scott saint-pierre is standing by to get us those questions later on in the show melissa how are you doing i'm doing great this was a great episode well a very very exciting veto results i i was so excited when i saw the news that call it won't be joe it's honestly like all day long she had been saying i have have to win this i like i need to do this for myself and for cliff and then she would literally promise to like cliffs family that she was going to win this she's like i'm i'm going to do it i'm gonna win it and most of the time when people say that on the show you're like okay are a sure you are alike that's probably not going to happen but she did it i mean that was insane she did such great job she smoked them i mean she got such a better time it was very impressive it's impressive run here here for nicole and i don't know if i have the big brother player sorta that at my fingertips that i could say is the parallel for this run that nicole is on the only person i can think of who's had a quick change in both capability to take it all at the end and also turn on the complex after having not is paris from be began six that is the only person i can compare her to it's been amazing it's been an amazing not even one week six days for nicole a where she was going into that double and where she is now we're seeing her in a whole new light on we're talking about an whole night and as a nicole fan as someone who was assaulting dear nicole has been a fan and ecole pretty nice to see i will take yeah let's say it's been such an impressive run where sure the odds on favourite to win right which is crazy i mean honestly think about just like the roundtable from last week and where we were basically saying like she's got to win something or else she's never gonna win this there's no way because the main argument going into the end was well well nicole hasn't done anything for these ago right exactly that's the thing is it just it everything is different now i feel like everyone's account nicole nicole hose the winner she's coming into the stretch like melissa draft whereas like a couple of weeks whoever wants their draft sucks so i hope nicole pulls it out because she is the only remaining person who may draft you know i it's been such an impressive turnaround greenlee i'm so happy and mila side you have to commend you on your draft the incredible job to land mccall in brown it was all me i i knew she was going to be the last one i knew that i was gonna get her it was all knee just to reset that was that there were two people left on the board jess and nicole i had the fifteenth pick whoever i didn't pick was going to go to melissa and i said boy gesture nicole nicole lock your parents in the basement i'd like to river but it just seems like a more normal person and the call i can't i can't see you take good luck with nicole lewis and i was like no i like their video video up at a little video clip of it has been kind of circulating around on twitter today and it's just it's so embarrassing 'cause i'm like i didn't pick her i don't want her now go to call you got this you're by doesn't matter if it's victory nonetheless if ends up coming in for the call okay but we'll talk walk through all the scenarios for the game a little bit but let's just talk through what was going on in the episode clear we started with everything going on with tommy he was feeling sorry for himself and he ends up saying that okay i am going to end up coming clean to macbeth to jackson accident holly and he ends up telling the backstory of him in christie that they knew each other yeah so i love the way they set this up on the show because i feel like it was pretty much the exact same thing we were seeing on the feeds on saturday and it's one of those situations where they're just just talking so much smack about christie his face and he's just sitting there and taking it and taking it and then you just got i'd i just need to get defensive now and just kind of also blamed christie by association just look hey i knew her coming in at the play the cards i was dealt it's not not my fault she kinda lost herself like this is just this is why this happened and i loved it it reminds me of a situation on a movie where you know there's a group of the people and their talking a lot of smack about this one of the personnel burden comes as well i've been dating them secretly for three months so what do you have to say about that now nice well well if you think what you guys had to say is bad you should hear what my aunt had to say about her because i'm i'm sure yeah i'm sure my aunt was even she was even go after worse drag her so yeah sure the aunt has some breakup jersey i mean you never wanna go to hard into with the break-up stories because you don't have to break up is gonna take but here in in this instance since i don't know if tommy in christie you're gonna get back together after the season is over melissa yeah and i mean the way that this was put on the show did not make holly look great it made her look pretty bad and pretty mean and she's like i mean i sound download the mean girl right now and like no one says anything like no one says no you're not being it was just like tom he's kind of like it's okay i understand but it just did did not look good for holly i feel like today's at it wasn't great for her i mean this whole time she was kind of able to remove herself from this like bullying mentality or whatever whatever like this mean girl mentality and because she was always able to say like well i didn't have any part of it and it was it was in my heart and like i just felt like i had to go along with it for the game the christie's out of the house this is a game at all it's just like the smack jog somebody this is a great point about holly and i really feel like we've all been going back and forth of what's going to be the best move for nicole and forklift going into thursday and i have to say i think i feel more adamant than ever especially when we're talking about tommy versus holly holly has started to become so unimpressive puja off i almost i feel like i don't even see a scenario where holly ken win why would cliff and nicole wants to get rid of her yet yeah it's talking to parallel to nicole going from poppy not winning anything to now being the front runner is that holly coming into the week was kind of everyone's like like chalk okay if she makes it there she's got everyone beat she might have to work a little bit against jackson but she's got this going where why are they being picked off right now why holly being looked at right right now it just comes down to the fact that holly and mickey are jackson as we call them or a pair dr jackson yeah yeah that was so great by the way i didn't think of it we'll do all the comics and a little bit just basically basically comes down to the fact that they got rid of a pair it was a three way standoff of three pairs and now this is another pair and now there's an opportunity in front of them to maybe take take that one down we've all talked about at length of how impressive jackson's run has been since the blow up of forty four and here we are now and he could run on it to the end and this is something they see as handicapping jackson it boils under that yeah have you weighed in on on what you think cliff and nicole should do know because i got on the update the day before all this went down so my viewpoint from the get-go was it's a two out of four with the pair of nicole and cliff and then you've got a singular tommy a singular mickey if you're why don't you mickey out of nowhere jackson accepted yeah it's happened finally watermelon seed planted in your head i wish it was seedless those are better however yes so if you take holly out here these to see each other as biggest threat to win at the end they fully believe it at least that's how i'm taking it so my belief was coming down if they get to the final four these two are going to go after each other they're going to want to target each other even though cliff and nicole are sitting there as a pair why because even if we've just seen nicole when two competitions out of the last four in the last six days that's impressive we've seen cliff come out of nowhere when competitions when no one bought it was possible he's had his moments but jackson's run is unparalleled his competition wins have been ridiculously insane outside of here he's pretty much want everything that he's been really good on the flipside tommy has not not been a slouch in these cops he's coming second in a lot of even this one right now would-be comics so they go even if they win their have to look at taking each other out so that's where i stand is holly going out is better and i'm not gonna lie i wasn't one hundred percent in because everyone has said this is one of those ones where there's no rude winning pick either works i think as the days have gone on here and just the game we've seen just the conversations we've seen it's getting more and more clear that holly going is the move here okay melissa i'm much more in the tommy should go camp because i think that tommy i can see him winning competitions here down the stretch and could tell me this is crazy could you see tommy winning the final goal three h. o. h. and potentially taking jackson to the final two is that crazy to imagine that i think that it's possible however i mean like i don't know i don't think it's crazy but i think that the odds are he wouldn't because first of all well if he does that i mean he already knows that holly would vote for jackson so that automatic probably receive oh automatic jackson votes and then that would cancel out his chris evokes his christie does like the one like yes christie is gonna vote for me so then renders christie vote kind of move and then you know i i just think that he i don't think he would take jackson just because i think that he jackson are automatically has some votes associated with him uh-huh whereas nicole and cliff it's up in the air we don't know who's gonna vote for nicole and clip tommy as the argument first of all against clip that like i've been working this whole time i was in these all these alliances blah blah blah and i'm the last man standing from the alliance nicole and clifton do anything the whole game yeah sure they like you know they could say that obviously i disagree i think cliff i've

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