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Unions are mostly white and you can keep people out of them when the new deal mostly white people. That's you getting and now with all these other concept concept. Why are we talking about transgender people in bathrooms? That's not about me and so a lot of white working class people not just in America but around the world are turning away from these more liberal parties and burrowing themselves into the more conservative parties alongside alongside the elite so then the question for Democrats in twenty twenty is would it be better to focus on winning back those white male voters or focusing on minority turn out and new voter registration. I think that all the data that I've Read Anyway and Rob Jones is one of the people I quote in the book who is an incredible demographer. <hes> at the Public Religion Research Institute he may be the best pollster in the country with respect to all the others like Peter Hart and the Pew Research Center and what he's shown he wrote a book called the end of White Christian America in which he quantified this book doc

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