Lil Nas X came out, but has hip-hop?

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You might have heard that the artists behind the hit old town road little Nasdaq's came out to his fans at the end of pride month. Garrick Kennedy is a staff writer at the L._A.. Times where he writes about music and he thinks this is a pivotal evitable moment for hip hop. When we spoke we started out by listening to a little bit of a little Nasdaq Song titled Closure Go back one one of the things that he he said is some y'all already know? Some of you all don't care but I'm interested in that last part of it because for a long time hip hop was incredibly incredibly and I think in many ways still remains incredibly homophobic. So how much is what he's doing exception to the rule in the history of hip hop. This is an audience that is now much younger so a lot of these attitudes that have been so prevalent in hip up for decades. It's just don't jive anymore. <hes> and that's an interesting thing because you know I've always been such a huge fan of this genre by as a queer man you know you <unk> get hurt a lot by a lot of people who will you might be fans of their music and then oh they said something that obviously is not great or even worse they've set. Let's learn their music and you know for so long. It had gone unchecked. I think eminem was really the only person who had ever had such a humongous controversy but it didn't end his his career he sat onstage with Elton John and he did what he needed to do. And then his next album he went right back to wrap in the way he was rapping and he still does and it's been eighteen years since that moment moment. You're putting your finger on a couple of different things one is kind of a rollback of the homophobia and sometimes the misogyny that's so critical to a lot out of lyrics over the years and the other is that as artists are rolling that back there also coming out and are those two things inextricably linked that ass more performers performers are being honest and open about who they are that the nature of the entire mix of lyrics is starting to get dialed back in the question that I've had is. Why are we seeing shifts now when also at the same time a lot of the music hasn't changed a lot of our attitudes have not changed? I mean little is XS. You know what twenty twenty one years old and you know he comes out. You know the second that happens you can see you know young who will get on the song with him and we'll do one one of these old town road. Remix is then doing an interview and said well. I'll be come out because I think people will not really pay attention to the music and they will just only worry about who who he's sleeping with a not so much of what the culture is still is despite all of the change in the progress that we've seen in the last ten years culturally the there have been lots of progress but also outside of music outside of hip hop. There's been an extremely <hes> I rate of of of change in terms of

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