Trump gives Medal of Freedom to NBA legend Jerry West


The west the NBA legend and logo you see on the NBA jerseys and merchandise was honored this week with the presidential medal of freedom president trump on Thursday said west honor was richly deserve sighting west basketball career at West Virginia University that led him to the Lakers and an Olympic gold medal but the more than anything else good you're like doing is playing basketball in West Virginia and starting at age six he taught himself on the dirt surfaces of his neighborhoods backyard one eight grain his sister would call him and say it says it's called the mud wallow do you remember that at all during the mud wallow but nothing ever stopped him Jerry later reflected that everything I did I tried to do perfectly not just well **** perfectly and it hasn't changed I don't think too much as it. look at the list of other honorees and was inspired by the names to someone that's right one doesn't Bill Gates philanthropic champions Nelson Mandela Martin Luther king these are Shabazz from all the Simon Wiesenthal and Desmond Tutu legendary leaders Muhammad Ali bill Russell Kareem Abdul Jabbar athlete activist Michael Jordan Tiger Woods Stevie Wonder excellence personified John wooden Frank Robinson Arnold Palmer and vin Scully friends are trying to emulate I swear my name is going to look like a misprint on this list No Way known as Mr clutch west was named an all star every year of his fourteen season career with the Lakers he also helped lead the team to the NBA finals nine times and after retiring as a player you coach the Lakers for three season before moving into the front office where he signed Magic Johnson Kobe Bryant Shaquille o'neal here is responsible for the majority of the fakers titles yet now works for the LA

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