LeBron James Debuts 'The Glass Helmet Project' Featuring Saquon Barkley


Couple of weeks ago. I upset the l._b._a. Community the bron- apologised colleges community lebron james suffers from fame and social media diction the aftermath lebrons. Hey look at me antics at his son's a you game i said fame as an addiction more dangerous than cocaine nate burleson and other members of the community rushed to the internet to preach to the world lebron. That is a good daddy. They take care of his kids. Well at the risk of upsetting. I'm going to once again point out that the latest of the latest it is example of the negative side effects of lebron's addiction to fame the thirty four year old basketball star claims to have identified football's most unique challenge and further claims to have invented solution class helmets players being assigned a helmet and do not have no voice and no one knows who they are because of the helmet and no one ever truly know on that there's actually a person inside there and not taking that seriously they will be seen by uninterrupted did and this right here is the farce glass helmet and meaning behind it is all these great athletes athletes that play our wonderful sport football will be heard and we'll be saying because they are at the end of the day they are people as well. They take these helmets off and they are people when they have the helmets on as well so when i first saw this. I thought it was a comedy skit. Get thought lebron was having some fun and then i watched a four minute youtube video titled the glass helmet project tackling one of football's most unique challenges. Oh sweet jesus. I think the broader series the bronze side kick maverick carter some nondescript former n._f._l. Player andrew hawkins and an artist artist are pushing the notion that glass helmets or symbolic glass helmets would liberate and humanize oppressed n._f._l. Players i can walk down the street. Be the star football team and nobody knows who i am because people don't recognize you. Ah as players were kind of looked at as warriors or gladiators right and gladiators aren't people who you remember their name take a lot of people when it comes to football they cheer for the laundry in the sense that they refer their teams more than having a direct connection with the players hopefully one day we'll see glass is home is on the

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