UK teen loses vision and hearing due to junk food diet


Because if you have a team or a toddler in your life chances are good they probably eat a diet just like this kid the kid in the U. K. U. seventeen years old and apparently he's lost his eyesight because of all the junk food that he's been eating since elementary school no defined junk food chili Ammar so his diet consists of fries chips white bread processed ham and sausage and he's been eating that since he was in elementary school I guess when he was fourteen he goes to the doctor he complains of being tired and at that time he was diagnosed with anemia and beat vitamin deficiency right well then he started to lose his hearing. then he has trouble seeing now he had can't see at all his vision loss is permanent because of something they say is optic neuropathy which is rare but can happen as a direct result of a bad diet nutrition unbelievable so now well here's the thing this teens diet of fries chips in white bread sounds identical to my fifteen year old daughter Kaila is where he's different this team is different because at least he ate ham and sausage so you've talked on the show about your concerns about your fifteen year old eating less you say like a toddler your typical let's go through each meal breakfast what is your daughter typically have kix cereal with milk and lunch of macaroni and cheese probably from Pinera. and dinner cheese pizza. so should that's kind of she she has a very limited it may be a cheese quesadilla. or a grilled cheese sandwich see I'm I'm I'm laughing because it sounds like something my five year old would do and I would hope in the next ten years eventually other health here you know all I rider guns for pasta with butter but just pasta in but what do you think it would take your fifteen or do you think if you share this story and granted it's a rare thing that happened but still this is happened he said look this this teenager in the U. K. went blind and deaf because of a horrible diet you need to change I think something is drastic is going to have to happen to your I think she's going to need a wake up call that that the people that aren't her mom or me or anybody in our family it's gonna have to be a doctor or a surgeon or someone that says listen you have very serious health problems and if you don't start doing X. Y. and Z. this is going to cause even longer term issues it's scary because if this happens to a teenager in theory could happen to any of anyone I'm all this kid was fourteen when he started complaining about his issues and now we seventeen and he's blind are you kidding me Kyle is fifteen and this is her diet somebody send that link to my daughter you'll find it by the way the stories in the Toby in Chile page a washer from dot com to feel like you need to share this with somebody in your life who has a diet very similar to this kid who knew nutritional optic they're off the beaten Rafi that right now drop the fee is

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