STEMinists: Mildred Dresselhaus


Stem inist has been deemed the queen of Carbon Science for her pioneering during work in the fundamental properties of carbon she was the first woman appointed professor and Professor America physics and electrical engineering at MIT and she helped to kickstart the field of nanotechnology. We're talking about the one and only mildred Drexel House v was born on November Eleventh Nineteen thirty in Brooklyn New York. She was the daughter of Polish Jewish. Immigrants Mildred mildred grew up in the Bronx and was a gifted violinist. She went to high school at Hunter College High School and got her Undergrad degree at Hunter College in Nineteen fifty one she majored in math and physics and almost completed a third major and chemistry she then received a highly procedures Fulbright Fellowship for Postgraduate but studies at Cambridge at the time women who excelled in the sciences often became a lower level science teachers mildred was counseled not to do so by future Nobel Prize winner Rosal in yellow and decided instead to continue her education in addition to completing her fulbright mildred also got a masters asters degree from Harvard University and a PhD from University of Chicago in Chicago mildred who often went by Millie met Jean Russell House in the two married and had four children with her doctorate in hand mildred decided to continue her career at higher education she taught at Cornell University before for moving to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It's really exceptional as a woman in science in the Mid Twentieth Century military taught at such prestigious sieges universities she was hired as a visiting professor of electrical engineering in nineteen sixty seven and receive tenure at Mit just a year later she she was the first woman to do so at the institution and was the first woman to be appointed to the role of MIT institute professor in Nineteen Eighty Five. That's an honor that's been and held by some of the greatest minds of our time. All in all mildred had an illustrious fifty seven year career at Mit. She spent most of that time studying the properties of carbon and other electro conductive materials so carbon turned out to be extremely interesting system. It also turned out to be a system. Nobody else cared about for many years so I had to myself. Her research is difficult to understand because of its complexity laxity but at its most basic milton studied carpet in all its forms including its electric energy structure among the many facets of of her work. She tested out the properties of carbon when interwoven with other materials for example. If you stitch carbon and an alkali metal together where it becomes a superconductor military it was also the first to come up with the idea of rolling a single layer of carbon atoms into a hollow tube or what we know today as a Nano Tube. It's a primary component of nanotechnology. Milford was also known for her work on graphite. Her production action of a very thin graphite has allowed portable electronics to be added everywhere from clothing to cell phones suffice it to say today we are surrounded led by manifestations of miltiades work mildred received innumerable honors including the National Medal of Science and the Presidential Medal of freedom and our influence is all around us in the cars we drive the energy generate the electronic devices that power lives a new generation walking the path that millie blazed around the year two thousand one motored was appointed director of the Office of Science at the US Department of Energy. Several physics theories bear her last name in addition to cultivating her own success mildred was dedicated to supporting other women in stem. She Co organized the women's for him at Mit in nineteen seventy one talk about women in science and engineering. She called science an endless frontier. Her Genius was also recognized. Nice in a General Electric ad campaign asking what a female scientists were celebrities what if movie drizzle House the first woman to win the national based on metal of science and engineering famous any celebrity at Wfan. We think they should be mill passed away. On February twentieth twenty seventeen at the age of eighty six. I should think science the Si- The or giving me. This nice life

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