Apple plays it safe with iPhone 11 as it pushes new services like Apple TV Plus

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Good morning and welcome to CNN's daily charges Wednesday September eleventh. I'm an Fox Ruben. The stories okay so after months of rumors leaks and speculation apple revealed its new iphone eleven Tuesday Tuesday it starts at seven hundred dollars that has an upgraded camera and processor but beyond those headlines. There's really not much else to encourage customers to storm apple stores to buy hi it so joan. This event wasn't expected to offer much as far as new iphone invasions. Do you think those expectations were pretty accurate. Yeah Yeah Yeah I would agree on cast over. One of the things that is most innovative is a kind of artificial but it's like the price is the fact that it's a little bit cheaper than like what you would expect considering that you have been tapping those prices so high idea that like the mass availability availibility phone the ones being pegged as being the one that's for the general consumer isn't like a bazillion dollars. There are those pro phones but they're kind of being pitched as being really for or like perfect pro even say pro as opposed to what they were saying last year which were it was the iphone ten ass and the tennis. Max obviously the Max gives gives you some sort of indication that this is for more pro users but they took both of those in basically made them pro phones. I would assume that the expectation that everybody was buying the ten art the Ten our last year was priced at seven hundred fifty dollars this year the iphone eleven price seven hundred when was the last time apple actually lowered prices. They worry worry price. That's a great question by like fifty dollars. This time for their entry level saw the folly in what they were doing. I mean everybody all hands. That makers are having difficulty colty getting people to buy these phones. When there's not a lot of new things you can do with other than stick more powerful processor slam better cameras and give it a little bit better battery life. That's really all anyone can do and that's all that apple's doing here but at least they're not doing it and being also. We'll take another extra one hundred dollars this time around okay. Don't you think they were in doing that. In previous years. It didn't work how it's true. Zero aren't buying the IPHONE IPHONE iphone business has been declining they still make billions upon billions of dollars and the envy of the entire smartphone industry but at the same time it does appear to me if you read through the tea leaves here the writing on the wall whereas Apple realized they needed to restrain their prices with the pro and the pro Max this year the prices stayed the same. They stabilized from last year as well so yeah okay beyond the price. Let's talk about the features but you're right. You're right absolutely the price was really the most interesting part so night. Mode this kind kind of catch up to the Google Pixel. What did you think of that. They were really emphasizing magical it is I mean these things they all good except for the slopes are about to get this loan fees. What did you think of that. I find I like Sophie's Moreland talking poop Emoji from previous years so I could. I could dig a slow Fi. Wait it does doesn't it doesn't talk talk then come on. Give them some credit but no it totally does so what some of the new collars. I hate mentioning new callers honestly because like it's not an invasion but it's something that is appealing people like that. It was something that people really liked about that series when they had that out okay and the other element is with the pro phones longer battery life yeah once you get those you get the three cameras rather than to you so that you have not only the wide angle telephoto another reason why people well that are serious about shooting video and shooting photos would be maybe more interested in up selling themselves to that yeah so. Scott Stein are heroic phone. Reviewer viewer was at Apple's headquarters for this event. Let's check out some of his first impressions for the iphone Eleven. So what you're looking at here is the battery life gains the case extra durability claims for water and for glass string and it's the Camera Camera Camera Camera. How good is the camera on by the way that front facing camera can do slow Mo Selby's now and has a wider area to look at what we'll see night. Mode was also looks. Fantastic is not unique to in fact. It's also on the iphone eleven and that's the question is do you. Maybe want to get the IPHONE. Eleven starts at six hundred ninety nine include the same eight thirteen by chip. It's an aluminum design. Zayn still sports really good better life. It seems and it only has widened ultra white camera not the telephone. We're not getting okay okay so I also want to jump to apple TV plus so while the iphone eleven was kind of a snooze this time around we were kind of expecting that to happen apple TV plus the announcement there was that it was going to be coming out in November verse three five dollars a month and also if you buy new hardware from apple you get the first year free so joan. Is this a compelling offer when you compare it to calm the competitive said well. I mean there's nothing more compelling repelling than free and that's about how much apple should be charging for the service in the sense that they're they're. GonNa have nine things to watch when launches like okay to be fair to Apple. These do seem like high. SPEC shows like sure. I don't know how cool see is going to be but at the same time nobody does know apple's never made program before they've hired like smart people. They've cast really big stars and they're throwing a lot of money at it. which is you know some some of the ingredients that generally can help you get a really good show but they're not going to have a lot of them? They aren't going to be releasing them all at once. So if if you do want to watch the whole thing you're going to have to buy an apple product to get that free subscription pay the five dollars subscription or wait until they all come out and then have the seven day free trial that they're actually going to have for everybody right so I think it's pretty safe to say that there's been a lot of skepticism in the marketplace that Apple TV TV pluses really gonNa make significant waves right especially when there are a lot of competitors that are coming out to go up against prime video net flicks legs so i. I don't want to say the dead in the water or anything like that. Oh no I mean people are going to watch it for sure especially if they're giving it away for free the as a little bonus perk for all these new iphones people are buying an addition to you know during the holiday season when people buy Apple TV's for friends and family in themselves. There's going to be people will just get it for free and so of course they're. GonNa Watch it. I don't think it's going to be that any no. Maybe they'll have big hits. It's just difficult to see why people that aren't prompted by getting it for free and aren't super fans of one of those particular actors like Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston or Jason Momoa. It's hard to see how there's GonNa. That'd be a mass audience unless they really like find lightning in a bottle and get something that's ridiculously popular now. Buzzy never never count apple out. That's always an important thing to remember but at the same time yeah they do have quite a quite a tough road going ahead with this one for the daily jumped on Fox Ruben. I'm Joni is all. Thanks everybody for joining us.

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