Jamie Bell Transforms Into a Neo-Nazi for 'Skin'

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Be gambling on once upon a time in America okay okay. Let's by the time in Hollywood released the scare or skin the mountain or hunting land. I mean I've seen skin. I've okay then not that one. I've done really know about the mount not seeing any scores for once upon a time having them send to me so if you've done the same that we can get on that yeah I can do once upon a time all right but skin. I should let everyone know Jamie Bell plays a hardcore fucked up Nazi skinhead with TAT's facial tattoos from Kintu to upper crust of his forehead and you Jamie Bell you might know him from earlier this year and rocket man he was the guy that wrote all songs of Bernie Taupin burned trump and before that though we might know him as a kid named Billy Elliot and it's fun watching and bill. It's really fun

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