Ohio politician blames mass shootings on 'drag queen advocates', Obama, open borders


We've had all kinds reaction pouring into the mass shootings in date in el Paso from the weekend of politicians certainly getting there voice in opinions out but none has created more controversy than tweet that came from Middletown state representative Candice Keller it is going nationwide now viral as you say even though her post was pulled down lease made private now what she said yesterday a in the wake of the Dayton shooting laning that shooting another mass shootings on quote homosexual marriage drag queen advocates open borders and even president former president Barack Obama the long rant went on and on about the breakdown of the American family and says thank you to a trans genders of drag queen advocates like I said it in others she says that the the relaxing of laws against open borders the acceptance of criminal of recreational marijuana other of school policies for not being tough enough on kids is all lead to now what we're seeing now and the client the family in the in the breakdown of American values and as you may expect there are people on both sides of the aisles who were criticizing her for saying this especially saying it so close yeah I wasn't even twenty four hours since the shooting all right when she went off on her rant yeah I mean there been many on both sides of the aisle Democrats included of tried to ten el Paso thing on president trump and and we're hearing a lot of a political writer there's no shortage of stupid stuff that said in a time of tragedy I mean unfortunately that's just the way of it where it is right now but this does nothing I handed the eyes even said that you know they have evidence to suggest that the political rhetoric that is of so intense on both sides this led to the recent mass shootings in the certainly fueled by some of the the social media sites a couple of which icon the anti for side of been shut down

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