When Precision Counts

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I'm navigator. I compute trajectories a spacecraft figuring out where they're at and we're GONNA go. This is innovation now. Bringing bringing you stories behind the ideas that shave our future precise radio navigation using radio frequencies to determine position is vital to the success awesome deep space exploration missions. Here's Todd Haley Project Manager for NASA's deep space atomic clock to explain why precision should matters those signals traveled speed of light. That's three hundred thousand kilometers per second. So if you're off by a millisecond you'd be off by three hundred kilometers and measuring the distance so that spacecraft so it's really important that you have extremely precise timing on your signals de sac deep space time clock. I takes the UH technology we have in our ground atomic clocks packages it up into smalls based craft ready size device the mercury ions in the clock make it the most stable atomic clock ever flown and this kind of precision will ultimately help space navigators like todd pinpoint spacecraft's crafts position anywhere in space for innovation now. I'm Jennifer pulling innovation now is produced by the National Institute of Aerospace Through Collaboration Aberration with NASA and is distributed by w H._R. V. Visit US Online at innovation now dot U._S.

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