How Technology Can Help To Stay Hydrated


To now. Let's take a deep dive into the tag. Let's make sure you stay hydrated. I and the most accessible category today we have plumped nanny so plump ninety is an APP. That's been downloaded over one million times and it has an average rating of four point six six stars out of five which is not battle encourages you to drink regulate for gamification so stanley simple it features a call to implant which you had to keep alive and you have to grow the plums by watering it out says in time periods so it simply tracked how much you drink the Milwaukee audrain could also benefit your plan to if you want to compare it against your friends who has the most healthy plot then you need to make sure on top of your hydration. Vietnam just to stay from because you can collect all sorts of different species of plonked on each have different descriptions and names so you become quite Make sure that you're looking off to them which hopefully help build the unhealthy habit of drinking regulate and you can set yourself reminders to drink vin the APP whether this be every two four six hours but we should say is that all of the time that you put on the reminder should reflect the amount of exercise you're doing. You should respect your physiology and everything like that. How much it will volume. You're drinking within that time period as well so it shouldn't just be a case of say ongoing to drink every four hours. Every day. Gets Push notification that tells me I need to do this. Because if you wall out to exercise one day or on the wall for example nuance remind yourself should be drinking more regularly than this anyway but if you all wanting to remind yourself and if you want to set it to every two hours in this instance the features a simple graphic representative daily water intake and your consumption history so you can look you'll oh historic data and obviously set to go drink more than you did the previous day a week when you first download the APP is well. You'll be off to give activity status and your weight it and the apple suggest how much you should be drinking per day and again. I would say that they should be used as a guideline some day to day more exercise than others other days you you know be halted day more humid anubis to take on more fluids and they're loaded with five concern about obviously impact these number how much you should be drinking on a set day when you're eighteen for example example so that is a very simple straightforward interface from plod money that may help you to develop healthy habits and he preferred to obviously make your drinking habits A game said potentially becomes more interesting for you than this could be the APP fool you the next apple APPs we are looking at are cooled daily water drink reminder which again has an average rating four point five stars out to Fi- ad for android users that has an APP I'd recommend the water drink reminder which has over five hundred hundred and fifty thousand votes and a school full eight stars out of five so very popular operate on Android so what these common well the features they have in common. I vol will pop not a you'll be able to receive notification when you should be drinking. Water also cases just receiving these notifications each time to remind you drink water is enough off for some people to stop building up their minds and so subconsciously they should start drinking more because it was stars hammering the message home and it should become an automatic matic reaction for you. They allow you to choose the unit. Wish to measure your water consumption in whether this be onces milliliters and you can choose the volume of each gloss a bottle of won't you can choose their feel someone that drinks Gloucester often then you can reflect that within the APP or if he doesn't WanNa Jerome Water bottle then again you can set this and we're going to be delving into awesome small water bottles which wash consumption in a bid so maybe that's the sort of route you want to go down. Obviously this would require advocacy usually have their own APP associated with water bottle but just best unlimited that within these two ops you'll be able to see a slightly more detailed accounting consumption habits rather than just simple graphic the plot noni provides should be able to see more of a histogram which displays your consumption days an old way back to the past month so you can build up a little overview of your past month and how you've been doing hope you should be he say not the award consumption is increasing with daily water. which is the outflow? OPPO. You'll need to set a goal amount of volume and then track it which I oversee mentioned. Shen thought it fluctuates each day but again it's better than having no goal whilst if you're on Android with drink reminder like plot not a you'll be ause provide your weights and then as suggested amounts will be given you'll also within the drink reminder for Andrey appealed to trust your weight and you can then see the impact of your hydration levels on Mule weight and this is interesting because it's been numerous studies on presumptive away win and trillion which showcases those that did not change any other aspect of the life whether it be dieting. I told him on some activity they do tend to lose more weight with increased Walter consumption. One explanation may be that drinking water help to suppress your appetite so that could be it also if you'll opting for water might be as simple as your drinking less fizzy drinks for example of the less healthy options and some research indicates that drinking water OUGHTA can help to increase your body's resting energy expenditure so another good reason that youtube drinking. There's a lot of research behind the benefits in correlation with weight loss so thoughts goes than start upping your water intake again. These are very simple APPs that place them in the most accessible category that really just how helping give you reminders dream awards unenviable to look he'll daytime see if your improving but now a moving up for the categories and we're going to start looking

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