Dorian strikes Bahamas as dangerous Category 5 storm



Dorian makes landfall in the Bahamas as a monster category five hurricane anjing that's lower fox news its maximum sustained winds one hundred eighty five miles per hour some gas clocked at more than two hundred twenty miles per hour with a storm surge of up to twenty three feet elbow cay taking a direct hit with grand Bahama island in the cross hairs next likely tonight can Graham director of the national hurricane center says it's a dangerous situation and moving west at seven miles an hour so very slow swarm live in Broward county Florida fox's seven brown on where Dorian goes next and what people are doing to prepare hello Jane many coastal counties are starting evacuations now in Florida like in Palm Beach others will start tomorrow like Volusia county that's the Daytona area but Florida governor Ron Disentis hopes residents will take the initiative you still have time to to prepare you still have time to heed these these evacuation orders and please take the storm seriously the storm's track is more west words that had it been yesterday and while some were considering a lesser impact to the Florida Atlantic shoreline there is still the possibility of a catastrophic strike with wind rain and

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