Hotshot Anna Scores Second Consecutive PID Masters


The race last night and we will talk the the Dick Powell so I won't put do put too much into because we'll talk about it with Dick but you Robertson congratulations to him this hotshot Anna I mean she just it was an as she pleased victory sixty five and just you know I couldn't have been couldn't one easier super super impressive hotshot Anna two years in a row. Oh Talk to me as as we talked with the with Doug she ran very well and the Topeka certainly didn't didn't hold her back. Jose Ortiz come into town to ride and really had no had no answer her when China just cruised up under a Ardo and one how about the log on the board running a mammoth race the rudy the colts neck at the Horse George Duarte these are Concordia visit accordia under Julia Toledo. Although third at sixty three to one didn't do a whole lot I try though because a little bit got it up to eighty seven dollars eighty seven thirty for a buck and it boosted the try because Regal Chan Tim Ham source gotta get a hold of Tim him it timmy hung in in Ohio and kept Breeden Ohio breads and saw things through who well before there was even any hope that gaming would come to Ohio and he does a very good job and is it. He's got started partnered up the at a lot of horses and I think I saw three chimneys to these got the some horses with breath powwow really didn't take the pizza that didn't really work for her so doc hotshot. Anna moves on the trap shot five year old. She's now with record is Gaudy that this point eight hundred over eight fifty fifty thousand and she's one ten of twenty two starts tremendous. I'm a fan

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