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Berman, T.J. back for NFL PrimeTime on ESPN+


With my last word is on a reunion that's going to happen on this that work is going to call is going to be called NFL primetime coming back Chris Berman Tom Jackson the team of the co host that show for nineteen years they're going to reunite when the show returns beginning this Sunday and ESPN plus it was always a staple for me no matter where I was living no matter what kind of circumstance I was in to know that was gonna get NFL primetime with Tom Jackson Chris Berman when the lace to its got was a part of it when bill Peter was a part of it robin Roberts of the part of it when the late P. acts tells a part of it it was always must see TV the fact we're going to give those to. the gentleman those hall of fame broadcasters bring you back a little bit of my young adulthood starting this Sunday on ESPN plus this to be nothing but celebration and joyous this about that I'll be was so old shows when there was a prime time prime time prime time with Dion Sanders would be doing his thing when you play in the National Football League nineteen years it seems like it wasn't that long ago that they were doing and if all prime time from eighty seven to two thousand five it may have taken fourteen years what is a reunion that's going to be great to see it happen and watch it happening congradulations ESPN plus and Chris Berman Tom Jackson welcome back I can't wait for

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Berman, T.J. back for NFL PrimeTime on ESPN+

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