Netflix, North Hampton And Zelda discussed on TV Rewind Podcast


I think this was the first original show that netflix did and it's run the longest also is it this or house of cards but i'm not sure which one is i but this is either the first or one of the first yeah for sure so we'll be discussing more about the show as a whole but first. We're going to talk about the finale so again. If you have not finished oranges the blacker to me talking about how each character wrapped up their run in how the last episode played out so we come full circle with the series finale episode that focuses heavily on piper but managed has also have closure for dozens of inmates that we've been introduced to over the last seven years but we start as we we begin as we started with piper she she returns home to find her father and zelda and the kitchen sell that takes paper into the next room and tells her that she's heading up to north hampton on business for a few weeks and she'd like like her to take long piper explains of things are a bit complicated right now but agrees to give it some thought so in this final season before we get too far intas she still married

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