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Coming up on the news a opposition MP's rage at Boris Johnson after he suspends Parliament US National Security Adviser John Bolton is fired and diesel cars emit more air pollution on hot days. It's Tuesday September Tan. I'm Anthony Davis opposition. Politicians rage to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson's five weeks suspension of parliament before the deadline for brexit which drew angry and unprecedented protests in the House of Commons outside it and even across Europe parliament has been prorogued all suspended at the government's request until October fourteen addressed it move that gives Johnson arrest bite from rebellious lawmakers as he plots his next move and tries to lead Britain out of the European Union by October thirty first opposition. MP's chanted shame on you and held up signs reading silenced as Parliament was formerly shut down in the early hours of this morning as legislators implored House of Commons Speaker John Berko not to comply. He expressed his displeasure saying this is not a standard or normal almost prorogation. It's one of the longest for decades and it represents an act of executive. Fiat Berko said the suspension came off to MP's MP's inflicted a series of defeat some Boris Johnson's Brexit plans they also demanded the government released by Wednesday emails and text messages among aides aides and officials relating to suspending parliaments and planning for Brexit amid allegations that the suspension is being used to circumvent democracy opposition dishes Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn accused Johnson of seeking to crash out of the E U and seek a one sided trade deal with the United States that would damage Britain and a no deal brexit is really trump. Deal Brexit Corbin told a union conference. No one can trust the word of a prime minister who is threatening to break break the law of force through a no deal Boris Johnson has acknowledged that a no deal brexit would be a failure of statecraft for which he would be partially to blame and he said he believed a deal could be struck by October eighteen when leaders of old twenty-eight. EU countries hold a summit in Brussels some MP's continuing doing to meet and debate parliamentary business informally as they feel now more than ever parliament should be sitting Donald Trump has fired. He's National Security Adviser John Bolton Lifelong proponent of American hard power off two months of division between the men over the direction of foreign and National Security Policy Trump announced the news earlier in a post on twitter Bolton tune was trump's third national security adviser and continue the pattern of departures by advisers who proved a bad fits for a White House leads by the president with no prior experience with the military national security or elected office Bolton's aggressive positions on Venezuela North Korea and Afghanistan clashed with the comparative reluctance of his boss to entertain new confrontations and wind down some old ones Baltin meanwhile communicated hatred in old school terms to leaders in Caracas Pyongyang and Tehran with threats about direct action from the US military and Bolton was was also said to have been a crucial force in torpedoing an agreement between trump a North Korean dictator. Kim Jon earn angry North Korean officials later Toco Bolton dim cited the some of positions like these and others was a national security adviser with a view about American strategic ways means and goals at stock odds with that of the president tensions eventually reached the point at which Bolton reportedly was excluded from meetings about about the war in Afghanistan these kinds of differences between trump and Bolton eventually spun the two men too far apart emissions from diesel cars even knew and supposedly cleaner models increase on hot days a new study has found raising questions over how cities suffering from air pollution can deal with urban heat islands and the climate crisis research in Paris by the real urban emissions initiative found that diesel car emissions of Nitrogen Oxides rose by twenty to thirty percent went when temperatures dropped thirty degrees centigrade a common event this summer emissions from a range of vehicles found to be many times higher than those declared by manufacturers in laboratory tests confirming earlier findings following the Twenty fifteen diesel gates scandal in which Volkswagen cars were found to emit forty times more nitrogen oxides on the road than during the Bartram Tests Call Obese Dismiss residents complaints about asthma and allergies as anecdotal title evidence and contest city halls measures to discourage car use in the city center. 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