What Happened at Kentucky Downs?


Kentucky downs has scheduled to itself for the week week yesterday the action pretty crazy it started out. It was funny because it it started out yesterday. So much a return to normalcy there hasn't been a single favorite win on the opening card card last saturday and the favorites were starting to roll win and then just that quickly the whole complexion changed and the second half of the card yesterday turned into a series of of big prices and some were very habitable as it happens but that's the beauty of you know these these big bulky fields we said earlier in the week you get horses that just get lost on the board delighted and not going to get a chance to talk to them today but absolutely thrilled for charlie the prestige great to get the charlie <hes> <hes> a steak win this game with ward pit fields get western wire-to-wire in the old france little under nine to one one of the prices that ended up leaving the the pick five <hes> bereft of a winner was there was a four five payout and how about the pick four tate eight sixty just under six thousand yeah crazy just nuts the nightcap winter under thirty dollars <hes> campbell leeza for arnaud delacour runnymede and and caspi clay and that was one of the worst is that just clearly got lost. It's not the board everybody bet coleen von down to sixty five and left a whole bunch of courses at nice prices and there was no reason that that can't believe it should have been that close to fourteen not to one earlier mattress mac and sister-in-law laura waller's. They combined for a a happy run. Happy kentucky downs result. Take it back a first time starter right up near the lead well-placed by john court a pioneer the naira philly and originally bred by kalua met and and takes over and holds the favourite safe in the closing strides at forty three to one. That's that's what started the monster pick four so big balloons. What's that lit up things. After a parade of favorites a crazy the opener was a favorite and then you had a three to five you you had a sixty five. You had a three to one the first four races the favourite wins and then in the fifth he had the second choice when grant that he was almost four to one but then then things even actually even in the sixth you had what the third choice bohemian bourbon in wilkes suburban lane julian

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