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Couple of weeks ago we visited the george george c marshall foundation in lexington virginia and we are here. It's next to the campus of the virginia military institute. George marshall is this v._m. Is most prestigious alone ready darren. I'm ready. The foundation was really excited to have us and to be honest. We were pretty excited to reserved parking for mr result ski and mr woods anything's ever been resorted with my name on it. The building looks like an armory cement. Now a lot of frills like a police where you would wait out a nuclear winter or hide plutonium good morning good morning good morning. We all knew we were there to meet a guy named age poll baron. I grew up in houston texas and then after college marine corps and served for twenty four years. I was air controller and a helicopter pilot as anybody buddy told you you have a resemblance john mccain. I've heard that paul does kinda actually look like john mccain. He's wearing a navy-blue jacket with a pin. Tell me about that bad on your jacket foundation pin. It has five stars on it. Five star general marshall was a five star general polls. An expert on the military strategist and statesman hates men. George marshall came over sway to ask him but something that's come up again and again in the presidential primary debates. Everyone's talking about the marshall plan julia alien castro. One of the things i proposed in my plan is essentially a twenty-first-century marshall plan for central america kissed gillibrand. What congress needs to do is pass. A marshall marshall plan to rebuild puerto rico make sure candidates are calling for marshall plan to fight climate change a marshall plan to improve national infrastructure structure forward a douglas plant and the reason we call it. A plan named after a person is not just in honor of frederick douglass to remind us of the marshall plan. That's buddha judge. He's calling for a marshall plan for racial equality and here's hillary clinton a few years back calling for one in appalachia. We have to have like the equivalent of a marshall plan. Bush called for juan obama. You get it and this isn't new. Actually there've been calls for more marshall plans since the original marshall plan which by the way began in nineteen forty eight that year someone called for a marshall plan for stray dogs and cats but no one is being really specific about what a marshall should plan actually means. It's just like this magic. Catch all never mind. The details will fix it term so those made us wonder what actually was the marshall through plan. Why is everyone always talking about it but kind of never really doing it. Hello welcome to planet money. I'm greg results ski and i'm darren woodson today on the show with going back to the caddock days just after world war two and two guy who came up with this plan to help your rebuild after the war george c the marshall. It's a story about what might be the most successful intervention history when we sent bullets of cash actual boatloads to help not just one other country but sixteen other countries. Thank you uncle sam that so generous yep. That's not the full story. The whole whole world hangs in the balance

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