US asylum rule denounced as inhumane.


Coming up on the nears supreme in court action on asylum rule denounced as inhumane trump administration plans to ban flavored e cigarettes and while way chief offers to share five Gino. How for a fee it's Thursday September twelve. I'm Anthony Davis the US Supreme Court has allowed the government to severely limit the ability of migrants to claim asylum in the US the policy bars people arriving at the US southern border from seeking protection if if they fail to do so in a country they passed through on route legal challenges continue but the ruling means for now it can be enforced nationwide. The plan will affect tens of thousands of Central American migrants travel north often on foot through Mexico coming migration levels has been a key goal all of Donald Trump's presidency and forms a major part of his bid to re election in twenty twenty. He hailed the Supreme Court's decision as a major victory the change includes but is not limited to those from Central American countries who have made up the vast majority of those seeking asylum so far this year some some eight hundred eleven thousand people were detained on the southwestern border up until the end of August this year and of these nearly five hundred ninety thousand will from El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras the majority arrived with at least one other family member many of those arriving are fleeing violence aw poverty on arrival they must pass a credible fear interview to seek asylum in the US which most do the rule will also affect smaller numbers of African can Asian and South American migrants who arrive at the US southern border and seek asylum many off to taking extremely dangerous journeys on the nine Judge Supreme Court liberal leaning Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissented from the ruling the trump administration will not be granting temporary impre- protected status to the people of the Bahamas fleeing the decimation of their islands by Hurricane Doreen in the White House announced. It is preparing to ban flavored e cigarettes as federal health officials call for restrictions to combat an outbreak outbreak of a mysterious lung disease that has sickened hundreds and killed at least six people the Food and Drug Administration is currently finalising its guidance to remove all non tobacco flavors of e cigarettes including mint and Menthol from the markets within thirty days companies might be able to reintroduce their flavors is at a later date so long as they submit a formal application and receive approval from the FDA vaping companies such as jewel have been criticized for hooking engine on e cigarettes with flavors such as mango and cream. The surgeon underaged vaping which U. S. health officials have labeled an epidemic is one of the reasons reasons why they plan to ban them. The San Francisco based company makes a sleek device. It's cartridges pack a powerful punch with one pot delivering bring as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes yesterday's announcement comes as members of Congress increasingly pressured the administration to rain in the a cigarette industry as chief executive has proposed selling its current five five Gino how to a Western firm as a way to address security concerns voiced by the US and others about its business the CEO said the Bil- would be free to change the software code that would allow any flaws or supposed back doors to be addressed without always involvement the US and and Australia have banned their networks from using while ways equipment the UK is still weighing a decision while way has repeatedly denied claims is that it would help the Chinese government spy on or disrupt other countries telecom systems and said it is a private enterprise owned by its workers one expert who had previously cast doubts on ways claims to independence said the idea of it helping another country's business to compete represented an extraordinary ordinary offer it would include ongoing access to the firm's existing five G. Payton's licenses code technical blueprints and production engineering knowledge which beyond the licence-fee while way would benefits because it might convince Washington to drop restrictions that currently prevented buying US linked technologies for for its own use one consequence of this is that while way faces having to launch an Android smartphone later this month that will not offer Google apps such does youtube all the Google play store a deal would also help ensure. Wa Wa gets its five. G. Technologies widely adopted You can subscribe to the news with your favorite podcast APP or ask Your Smart Speaker to play the news with Anthony. Anthony Davis podcast leave us a review. ITN's and follow us on twitter at the news underscore podcast for daily updates. The news is an independent production covering politics inequality health and climate delivering honest verified and truthful World News daily.

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