The Future of Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney's Movie Monopoly

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I think we have to go and see twenty three right off. The top. I manage just told me that she read a thorough examination of the announcements made at this this weekend event. How are you feeling. Are you excited about the disney plus era upon us yeah but you have to do this. Julia minoshe from nonfiction chris farley watched non-fiction. You can just look blog. I clarified clarifying. I i think for disney and for me <hes> possibly in different ways you know disney has a strong brand as we know and it is quite articulate clearly articulated ticketed in this and i think that there will be many people including parents and star wars fans who have end marvel fans watch look forward to and i will be sending ending my streaming money elsewhere very interesting not surprising take from chris you are the coast of a podcast called the watch a long running podcast a hot. It looks closely a culture at large but particularly television a lot of t._v. Shows and disney plus. Here's my take on them. Don't care. I'd like to talk to you guys about the movies that were announced cheshire. Okay aside from the mandatory and i do care about this. Say which i care about all the there are two more stories memories t._v. shows. I'm sorry yet theoretically the mental learn is the only thing i have a clear percents of what it is and what it's going to be which actually does feel like the star wars show that we should have had like twenty five years ago very like <hes> grounded in the dirt small character look as opposed to the intergalactic battle kind of t._v. Show the other shows. I don't even know what are those shows. Isn't there a urine mcgregor. Obi obi wan the whole thing right. I think he's lovie wine. Even as i was saying it out loud i was like oh got him getting the names right. Am i getting the names right. Have you guys like a mandate. We're going to do a star wars episode so you should host and she she has ever told you. The story of this is a fun game to play. If you're like in a car and really board is you can ask you just tell you the plot of a movie a husband and i do this sometime and we maybe we should just do a podcast sometimes because it's really wild what people remember but famously i was asked to do the plot of star wars and i gave the entire plot with like intense analysis of the sexual tension between luke and leia and then also hans solo and the trash chute and all this stuff and just like did not mention the desktop the sexual tension between hansel and the trash chute. We are in russian. Oh yeah and i even got but at no point. Did i mention like the death star them blowing it up like the central plot of the movie just didn't exist in my brain spoiler. Sorry we have revealed views here officially that the death star is destroyed and star wars a new hope very sorry to everybody who hasn't seen episode four chris. Would you make the movie news non non non star wars edition so we got some moral news. We got a little look at the lady and the tramp live action yeah so for most of my life. Disney has been like a non factor <hes> it was a i never really grew up in disney household and a lot of these <hes> sort of legacy titles. Don't really mean a lot to me. I don't even know if i actually seen bambi like for instance. <hes> so a seminal event in movie history interesting to have the doorway into disney is marvel and star wars for me but now being introduced to this huge volume play and that that is kinda gonna come attendant with all this stuff and one of the things that we probably talk about when we get into the summer movie awards. That's been kind of confusing for me. This summer is having take things like aladdin seriously. You've been doing that no but it's like that takes up a lot of airspace. Have you seen either aladdin no yeah so you're not taking taking it serious. Oh i'm not taking it seriously but wouldn't you say that it plays a larger role in like pop culture in general because of the like the volume of the megaphone is that much louder pre everything builds everything else and now you've got these three things that disney legacy titles marvel and star wars say nothing of pixar and everything else that take up. I mean this is what you're saying a stranglehold on your brain. It's like sixty five percent of the airwaves man. It's true although in nineteen ninety-two aladdin was a big deal to so if you were hosting the watch which i don't know what would it have been call one thousand nine hundred smells like teen spirit yeah exactly if you were hosting smells like teen spirit the podcast you can get out of your windows media player six days to download it would still be forced to talk about and in some form or fashion but you're right the the the amount of mindshare that they have right now obviously is overwhelming and this is. I mentioned this biennial event. It doesn't happen every year the fact that it happened at this exact time while we're going through a me when wesley just had this conversation last week on the show we were like we are being choked out. You know brock listener has come to choke out with content. You guys get that referenced. I it's about wrestling. It's he wasn't in fighting with my family to today. Thank you to too much time on this podcast. I it is interesting like i could not help but see the announcement black panther too and just how far away that is. We are a thousand days away from black panther too. That's a long time. It's a it's become a cliche to say. We're all gonna be dead by then or the world will be on fire but it's possible that some things are significantly different culture at large a thousand days from now. We may not even have t._v.'s in one thousand days i don't. I don't know what's coming so to be planning that far ahead for something thing particularly something that is so anticipated yeah. I thought it was so strange. I thought it was almost like teasing away. That's funny because i had the opposite reaction which she's like this thing that we have been predicting for a long time which is disney as monopoly is here the this we have seen the realignment of the studios and the streaming services and kind of what the big names are going to be and we have been like well disney's just going to own everything and disney will have this movie and disney will have the streaming service and the men were in all of this i._p. And this was just the confirmation a certainty of okay they have consolidated. All of the i._t. Is together they have their distribution plan ready and disney plus and what what we expected to happen is going to happen and i have an easier time imagining how black panther too is going to fit into entertainment as we consume consumer than i do like basically any movie that a traditional movie studio is releasing or even most of the t._v. Shows on basic cable at this point but i think that the interesting thing that came out of some of these announcements between black panther being nine hundred days away and spider man being excommunicated from the is that there are a lot of people waiting on line. You know what i mean to get in to get their big screen time. There's a lotta characters. There's a lot of filmmakers producers who are all like so. This was a a huge hit and we've got to wait like four years and my guys gotta be in like a couple of thirty seconds spots and post credit sequences of the internals. That's you're telling me it's like that. I'm not single. Black panther would walk away from you. I don't think he michael jordan's. Not gonna get did going to do that but the spiderman thing i thought was indicative of indicative of so he being like let's go let's. Let's do another one most definitely but i think it's because while i think what you're saying is right that the playing field is kind of settled in a way that it's at least for the next next six to twelve months is going to be disney versus net flicks and then h._b._o. Max will come along and then you know. Universal will clarify what they're plays for the most part we we know what the short-term clarity around things but three years from now. I don't know if there's going to movie theaters close three years from now. I don't know if we will have have forty five hundred movie screens three years from now so getting that far ahead of ourselves. I think you're right chris that there's a desire to kind of plant flags. There's there has been mark. Harris has been writing about about this for coming up on ten years. Now this sort of like we plant our flag on a film that we don't even know what it is seven years ahead of time black panther too in particular those struck me as weird because it might be after the rise of skywalker. Maybe avatar to the most anticipated movie that exists that we're aware of world is that i am. I overstating it to say that will add. I think the avatar to is a good example. I mean not that. It's going to go black panthers. The wait between black panther one and two is nothing nothing resembling avatar in avatar too but it is indicative the fact that i think that like without seeing a single piece of footage. I think a lot of people are like. Does anybody still care about avatar. I was gonna ask coup is anticipating. I've talked to you besides get mine. I don't now i don't know but underestimate james cameron at your peril because this is what happened with titanic and this is what happened with avatar people were like is this going to be good. I don't know if i care about this and then boom biggest movie of all time and then biggest movie of all time twice he did that twice. People were like i don't know he lost his fastball. He's a weirdo. He loves to play with his toys doesn't understand humanity so i i wouldn't underestimate cameron trouncing

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