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Way that they brought things to light and the people that they had own and i think it was a great help for a lot of the people that they had on the air and <hes> so i'm very interested to see how they kind of close things things out tuesday august twenty seven th dreamworks trolls. The beat goes on season seven premiere. I had no idea had been going on for that. Long affects this apparently does young justice outsiders season three finale on dc universe for three episodes and ambition season one finale on owen which reminds reminds me. I am really behind ambitious and it just keeps piling up on my diva. Oh well and i love young justice. I think that was i think one of the main reasons i got d._c. Universe i've enjoyed a lot of the other shows and content on there but i think that is one of the most well done series out there that it's smart. It's intelligent it. It's a cartoon but it's is really a animated series and it continues in that good tradition of young joe are of justice league in justice league unlimited and

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