Tennis trailblazer Althea Gibson honored on first day of U.S. Open


Today at the US open tennis pioneer received a long overdue honor a monument to Althea Gibson was unveiled back in the nineteen fifties he was the first black player to win a major championship CBS's Maurice do wall found out it was not easy for Gibson Althea Gibson was a great talent on the tennis court but lonely off it in nineteen fifty five she met her match in Angela boxed in England's top player nobody even spoke to her let alone play with it in our own country boxed in is Jewish and back fan wasn't embraced either not once did the British girls invited me to join them for me not to want experiencing similar indignities created a bond I was very very friendly with the they became doubles partners and won the French Open and Wimbledon in nineteen fifty six one local newspaper reported the historic feat with a small two word headline minorities win well owning Levin is a something so and send in the very very smallest thing they could they remained friends for decades even in tough times like in nineteen ninety five when a sixty eight year old Gibson called her old friend out of the blue well have run out of money and I Constand than a longer so I decided to kill herself she said those words yes Sir funny to say goodbye Gibson was sick and could not afford medicine or rent during her career players were not allowed to make money from sponsors Buxton published a letter about Gibson's plight fans responded with almost one million dollars in donations that's America you save your friend's life here's instant died in two thousand three today eighty five year old Angela box and was happy to travel across the pond to attend the ceremony honoring the memory of her

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